Track Hubs?

Postby pinkmaggit on Wed 21/Jan/09 8:29am

Hi there,
I am on the hunt for some matching fixed wheel hubs for a wheel build. I'm not sure on # of holes yet but am ideally after something that doesn't have a large flange. I'd like something with the looks similar to the Hope pro 3. Image

Does anyone have any suggestions for something like this?

Another option is the dimension hub, though it has a large flange. I hear these are reasonably priced.

I should also mention that I would prefer a hub that is of flip flop design, first and foremost.
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Re: Track Hubs?

Postby Tama on Wed 21/Jan/09 8:36am

What sort of bike is it for?
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Re: Track Hubs?

Postby pinkmaggit on Wed 21/Jan/09 8:42am

fashion fixie. Other components of the wheel set are blue Velocity Deep V Rims and black champion spokes
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Re: Track Hubs?

Postby kiewan on Thu 22/Jan/09 5:27pm

Soma hubs would be an option - available from wide open and look awesome

Not flip-flop but is threaded on both sides (i.e. fixed-fixed)and the site says that most freewheels will fit so will essentially work as a flip flop.

only downside is they do have fairly large flanges
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Re: Track Hubs?

Postby Monolith on Thu 22/Jan/09 7:12pm

I'd czech out the Soma ones.

I use a Surly rear, which isn't particularly high flange. If cash is a factor I think the Dimension track hubs are pretty much the same as the Surly ones.
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Re: Track Hubs?

Postby cantwell on Thu 22/Jan/09 7:25pm

I got a low flanged dura ace one the other week. fixed/fixed nto flip flop but deffently a nice hub if uve got the $$$
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