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Bringing Mouse, our digger, down from the upper part of the Park for a service, gave us an opportunity to carry out a long-awaited upgrade.

ImageOur pump track has had a lot of use over recent years.

The berms and rollers had all mellowed to a level where it was getting harder and harder to pump out a lap without pedalling.

Still popular with young ones, it no longer provided the same challenge for more experienced riders, as when first opened.

The nearby road realignment of the Riwaka-Kaiteriteri Rd meant we were able to source some good quality fill and this was helpfully dumped adjacent to the site.

Karl Thompson, who built our pump track, originally designed a circuit that could accommodate additional features within the outside circuit. Now was the time to incorporate them, alongside vamping up the berms with that extra soil.
With Karl on Mouse and Sam Knowles constructing retaining walls, raking & compacting, the upgrade was completed within three days.
It now offers several directional options and some wicked berms that encourage you to maintain speed. It's still perfectly safe for beginners and little 'uns - but now, also, is a lot more fun for everyone else.

Here, Karl pumps out a couple of demo laps...

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="420"></iframe>

Obviously, it's still fairly fresh so please avoid riding it when wet or soft. 

Feedback on the first stage of JAWS has been overwhelmingly positive. It was a tough build and we're pretty proud of what we managed to achieve in challenging terrain. It's been getting a lot of use, despite the advanced-grade section of Velocity it currently connects to being a little out of some comfort zones.
We aim to commence the second stage of JAWS shortly. The friendlier gradients of the lower slopes will allow us to have some fun with this descending track before it exits at the Corkscrew hub.
With a kind winter, we hope to have the whole track open by Summer.

Rod Markham, who heads up our Predator Trapping programme, recently reported:
"Between January and March we caught 7 stoats, most of them near the Big Airs/Skullduggery junction. Since then the traps have been empty. We have been changing the trap positions but so far they remain empty. There has been no sign of rats at any of the traps, we are using a dried rabbit bait for stoats and have been adding peanut butter as a rat lure. We are about to try other baits including real and artificial eggs. 
Bird life in this area of the park seems pretty healthy at the moment in particular we are seeing large numbers of fantails through Skullduggery."

Apparently, it is normal for there to be a drop-off in stoat kills at this time of year. What isparticularly encouraging is the lack of rat kills, as this is their most active time. We will continue to extend the trapping lines into new areas and hope for similar success. We remain grateful to those individuals who have donated to this programme, allowing us to direct Park funds into track building and maintenance.

Sunday, June 22, will once again see the mountain biking hordes descending upon Tent City in Bethany Park for the Kaiteriteri Mid-Winter 6Hr Breakout.

Last year, we had 200 teams, totalling nearly 500 riders. This year will probably exceed that so, as we're approaching capacity for the event, it wouldn't pay to delay getting your entry in for too long. Cut offdate is June 15.   

ImageLast year saw Brian Grant ride off with the top costume prize with his inspired Major Tom. This is the category that really reflects the spirit of the event so we can expect some fairly creative outfits this year.

And for those who like the dark side, don't forget that you can join us for a Saturday Night Ride. Just turn up at the Beached Whale Bar/Cafe @ 6pm for a cruisey circuit of our favourite tracks.

After the ride, we'll retire to the Bar for beer'n'pizza and live coverage of the ABs playing England :-)

To encourage those coming from a distance, Kaiteriteri Beach Motor Camp is offering a special deal for all 6Hr entrants: a 20% discount on all cabin and tent sites.
Ph. (03) 527 8010 for bookings.

A lot of work has already been put into this year's circuit, making it less susceptible to cutting up should the track be damp, on the day (tho' heavy rain will force a postponement). If you've been wondering what it would be like to enter a multi-hour, mid-winter, mountain biking, team event - this is your chance!



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