Tin-bum Is Open!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby trailtroll on Sun 28/Mar/10 9:22pm

Tin-Bum is once again ready for you. Those of you who may find the comment bewildering, Tin-Bum is the best down-hill trail in Glenbervie, and has been closed for about three years, but thanks to you know who (well, some of you know who), it has risen from the jungle and is ready for riding, bring on the carnage.
Had a ride down on the 3th April and it was better than how I remember it being all those years ago.
Then did Flipper and what a blast, 39.75 k's top speed.
Went down Tin-Bum again on the 4th, after some rain and "wow" what a ride.
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Re: Tin-bum Is Open!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby hude on Tue 30/Mar/10 12:45pm

Awesome effort Trail Troll as was well overgrown.
I'll be there for sure
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Re: Tin-bum Is Open!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby The_Quinsta on Sat 17/Sep/11 7:48am

Rode this last weekend and hopefully get another ride in today too.. Might take a saw down and clear some of the overhanging gorse branches away.. love the tunnel effect from teh gorse and trees
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