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The Kaiteri 6hr Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!

Postby SwampThing on Sun 15/Mar/15 2:03pm


The Kaiteri 6Hr just got a whole lot bigger!

Firstly, responding to feedback, we've moved it to Saturday, April 11, the mid-weekend of the school holidays.

This means you can bring the family (or your mates) and camp at our new event hub, the Kaiteriteri Beach Motor Camp.
And it means that, while you're blasting your way round our new course, your family will be able to hang out at the beach, mini-golf, playground or cafe.

Plus, on the Sunday morning, the Nelson Orienteering Club are running a 2hr MTB Rogaine.
This involves your team navigating its way through the Park's trail network, visiting checkpoints to accumulate a maximum score within a 2hr time period.
This is a new event for the Park, with a dedicated map and trail marker system, and one we're sure is going to be pretty popular.

Then, on the Sunday afternoon, Steve Newport of HeliBike Nelson is going to be running shuttles to the top ridge so all of those with tired legs can have runs down Corkscrew, Jaws, Velocity, Flamin' Nora or Rockface.

Pretty cool, eh..?!

This year we also welcome PORT NELSON as the Bike Relay event sponsor. They already sponsor our Glade Runner track so this extra support is especially appreciated.
The format for the Bike Relay will be the same as in previous '6Hrs', when held mid-winter (which the Nelson MTB Club will continue to run at Rabbit Island).
However, the new date, event hub and course, together with an emphasis on making this a weekend extravaganza of fun, marks a fresh beginning for the region's most popular MTB event.

Some things we hope will remain the same, especially the way so many people have entered into the spirit of 'dress-up'!

The inventiveness of some individuals and teams never fails to surprise, although you'll have to be extra creative to snatch the Best Fancy Dress prize away from two-time winner, Brian Grant.

In 2013 he went extra-terrestrial with his guitar-toting Major Tom, while his team of biking vikings took out the award in 2014.

But the event isn't just about prizes. Bragging rights between mates, workplace colleagues, schools or even that team on the adjacent tent site seem to provide ample motivation for most people.

Add in the challenge of 'stepping outside of yourself', be it in participating in a multi-lap race or wearing something outrageous and you're bound to end the day with a huge smile on your face.
So how do you enter..?  Good question! We apologise for the delay in uploading the online registration link. Please check back after the weekend.

And it gets better! For those keen to base themselves at Kaiteriteri for the weekend, the Beach Camp is offering a 20% discount on accommodation (cabins, tent or powered sites). Just quote "Bike Relay" when you make your booking: Kaiteriteri Accommodation

What could be better than chilling with a few well-earned beers after the Bike Relay, dining out at the Shoreline or Beached Whale in the evening, doing a few laps of the Park on the Sunday and reviewing an action-packed weekend over a post-event BBQ in the afternoon..? 

Depending upon how many peopleare staying over, we're even considering putting on a Saturday evening of some exceptional mtb videos...

Follow us on Facebook for updates on the event, including what sneaky variation we have planned for the race circuit!


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Postby kaiteri on Tue 17/Mar/15 6:18pm

Registration is now Live!
Go to for the imbedded link
or go direct here: ... Id=1695028
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Re: The Kaiteri 6hr Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!

Postby XCguy on Sun 22/Mar/15 5:32pm

Do you guys have a course map? Or course description?
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Re: The Kaiteri 6hr Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!

Postby kaiteri on Mon 23/Mar/15 3:18pm

A bit more climbing, a bit longer for this 6Hr - there won't be any sub20 min laps!

A loop starting from the rear of the Kaiteriteri Beach Motor Camp, then using Martin Farm Rd to enter the Park at the main entrance. Then Easy Rider/Swish/Scoot/Tank/Glade Runner/Revelation and back round the estuary.

We're looking at an optional Remedy line (bypassing Tank) for Advanced riders. Just need to create a more-aligned exit onto GR and compare times.

Only thing we ask is no pre-racing of the course, especially on Easy Rider which, while closed on the day, is a two-way cycle trail.

A Park map can be found here:
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Re: The Kaiteri 6hr Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!

Postby XCguy on Wed 25/Mar/15 8:09pm

Thanks :)
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Re: The Kaiteri 6hr Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!

Postby kaiteri on Thu 2/Apr/15 10:30pm

Just confirming that the Remedy option is going to be the go for skilled, technical riders. Hammer it - and you'll gain valuable seconds. Ride it cautiously - and you'll more likely lose time and possibly hold better riders up.
The two chicken run lines by the drops will be closed off for the event. Can't wait :satan:
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