Re: The Formula One Thread

Postby Rik on Wed 17/Sep/14 10:17am

Flyboy wrote:
Kev wrote:So it's not technically Formula One but this weekend is the first Formula E race

Aside from the fact the "Circuit" appears to be a bunch of roads strung together in an industrial estate I am not a fan of their "FanBoost"

Fans can give their favourite driver an extra speed boost by voting for them prior to the race. The three drivers with the most votes will each receive a 5-second ‘power boost’ per car per driver, temporarily increasing their car’s power from 150kw to 180kw. Just click here to cast your vote. You can change your mind as many times as you want until voting closes a short time before the start of the race.

So basically all cars are restricted to 150kw except for the ones with the most votes. I wonder how secure the voting site is?

Yes, this struck me as very gimmicky as well. the rest of it sounds good however

I don't think its any less gimmicky than forced fuel stops or tyre changes or CURS or DRS, in terms of pure racing. There was a great documentary on the other day about Formula E. What made me laugh was despite the gargantuan amount of technology in the cars they couldn't engineer in a solution to change/chargethe batteries, so the drivers have to do a 'car change' to finish the race, WTF

EDIT - this segways nicely into when we introduce voting onto vorb. and people with the most votes with be given an extra 30kw to voice their opinions. :satan:
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Re: The Formula One Thread

Postby pedalingkiwi on Tue 27/Jun/17 2:53pm

So, here we go, a dredge from 2014 ...

but wow that Sebastian "F1 is for grown-ups" Vettel has me staggered again. How can a person drive into another car then studiously avoid answering any and all questions as to the appropriateness of his actions, instead bleating on about how the other person caused the situation and not in any way acknowledging that he had done something totally outside of the code-of-ethics (unless of course you live in NASCAR world)

I mean Hamilton ain't squeaky clean, but examination of his traces show no sign of a brake-check, so Vettel totally shot his wad in reacting like a child !? And then can't even own what he did ..... "Seb you have a 10 sec penalty" response = "tell me how I drove dangerously", "what did I do that was wrong?" .... FFS, grow up man.

and meanwhile racing has broken out in F1 again, and who would have thought Force India could snatch defeat from a possible win ... and why do they put such stupidly severe kerbs inside corners ..... and how can a car that was a lap down come second .... I mean this ain't IndyCar or NASCAR ...
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Re: The Formula One Thread

Postby Conners on Tue 27/Jun/17 11:12pm

I was genuinely shocked that Vettel only got a 10 second drive though for that - really thought he might've been DQed or had championship points taken away or given an in race penalty plus a ten spot penalty on the grid at the next race.

I actually wonder if he was so busy waving his fist that he didn't realise that he had swerved into Hamilton? Whatever happened, it was fucked up.
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Re: The Formula One Thread

Postby Rik on Wed 28/Jun/17 9:05am

Come on this, this is Racer 101. "The driver/rider/skipper is NEVER at fault, ANY failure to win is to be attributed to the below list of driver/rider/skipper excuses:"
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""Cities are becoming more rational again, after the folly of car-centric planning," Colville-Andersen"
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