Postby VERT on Mon 21/Nov/05 10:56pm

Dazzle wrote:Serenity is written and directed by the same guy as Buffy the Vampire slayer. He can do big budget hollywood AND leave some meat on the bones to chew over.

Firefly is a short lived sci fi tv series that was cancelled before finding an audience. It sold so phenominaly well on dvd they green lit a movie, which did so well in testing they delayed the release and threw a lot more money at it, the result being Serenity.

If you liked the original Lucas aint kcufed with em non special edition star wars movies GO SEE IT.

You dont have to have seen Firefly. The characters are introduced in quite a clever way.

up to the last episode of Firefly (ep15), NZ TV networks are fools for not screening this here, this has gotta be the best TV series I have ever seen. Will definatly be seeing the movie as soon as I can
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Postby mtbrat on Wed 25/Oct/06 2:12pm

I just got firefly on DVD, it's bloody good and terribly short sighted for it to be axed, you could see some awesome sub-plots developing...

It's kind of interesting to see who they chopped from Serenity (teh movie) and changed characters....
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