Re: Tea Party Hate Rally

Postby RussS on Mon 7/Mar/11 8:34am

happybaboon wrote:I'm told that the Yanquis who leave the US are the least crazy ones.

Don't bet on it.

Ya know, as an American Kiwi that is widely travelled I find that things are not always as they seem. Try being a white person on your own cycling through Ruatoria, or being a black brother wandering Christchurch - this place is as jacked up as any place, but we are lucky that we are small and tucked away down here so things propogate slowly.
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Re: Tea Party Hate Rally

Postby E Dogg Capizzle on Mon 7/Mar/11 8:36am

Al_Bushman wrote:That video actually makes me sad. It's one of the reasons I've travelled around the world several times over and never bothered with the USA apart from a brief sojourn into Seattle to pick up a bike. That trip was just before Dubya got re-elected for his second term, and the people were pretty hysterical. Say one bad thing about the man and you could almost see them reaching for a gun.

I'd love to see the Grand Canyon, Rockies, etc but I'd probably get into some argument with a red neck over social liberties and get my head blown off, or get pack raped by a bunch of redneck loons.

I've traveled a lot in the States and I've always found the people to be friendly and sane (the minor exception is actually in New York and Boston where people can be quite rude). I wouldn't let the outliers you see in the media guide your perception of what America is really like. These sorts of loons can be found the world over:
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Re: Tea Party Hate Rally

Postby happybaboon on Mon 7/Mar/11 8:27pm

It's almost kind of sad how few of them there are, and how it is clear that nobody else could care less what they're doing :D
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Re: Tea Party Hate Rally

Postby fatwombat on Mon 7/Mar/11 8:35pm

This is even scarier - it is written by a moderate American Jew who wants to see peace in the middle east, but finds fewer and fewer people in the halls of power willing to think rationally about the Israel-Palestine problem. ... 2729.html#
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Re: Tea Party Hate Rally

Postby Brokendown on Mon 7/Mar/11 9:08pm

By Crom I hope the nukes drops sooner rather than later and the world hurries up and runs out of bullets so i can break out the battle ready battle axe and set about taking my rightful place on the throne of Reefton
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Re: Tea Party Hate Rally

Postby kona.stinky. on Mon 7/Mar/11 9:16pm

I is found the leader of the protests myface page.
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