Sunday 4x

Postby crashmeister on Fri 16/May/08 6:58pm

meet at the 4x track at about 12 on sunday for some sweet jumps, for the noobs its behind the hockey stadum on mt albert, newtown
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Postby Owen on Fri 16/May/08 6:59pm

Chair bowl, has some one sent an email out yet? If not Ill do it in a mo.
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Postby crashmeister on Sun 18/May/08 4:23pm

just me and yoshi up there today, but there were a couple of old munters on foes which looked like fossils they had dug up, and bunches of little kids now and again. I managed to clear the bottom double and yoshi had pretty much a perfect run... until he stacked it after the landing on the last jump

it wasnt quite the turn out i expected for such a mint day considering the crap there has been, is this club like 80% roadies or what. maybe we need more advertising or something
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Postby sham on Mon 19/May/08 7:41pm

crashmeister wrote:
, is this club like 80% roadies or what.

haha good call. sorry i didnt make it.
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Postby Owen on Mon 19/May/08 8:15pm

I made it...half an hour to late, then Genie showed up and managed to reverse his bike into a tree. Was windy as fuck and pretty much a waste of time, specially since the rebound adjuster snapped off my shock and the fail is more like a pogo fucken stick.
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