Re: Suitable Gloves

Postby AgrAde on Tue 12/Jan/16 6:55pm

For what it's worth, I rode with my new Fox Ranger gloves today and the changes they've made to the palm for 2016 make them shithouse. The stitching is now in a crap place and is annoying, and they don't stretch in the right place anymore and so they bunched up and didn't feel very secure :angry:

Dunno if it's just my hands (I don't think they're weird?) but I'd try them first and wrap your hand around a bar with them. And if they suck then consider paying more for the Troy Lees...
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Re: Suitable Gloves

Postby el_booto on Tue 12/Jan/16 7:59pm

Wobbler wrote:Troy Lee XC forever for me, I tried so many different brands before settling on them. I dont like change so I will probably only swap if for some reason they discontinued them/changed them

they changed them in '14 to have a thumb towel, they also did away with the big raised logo over the knuckle... i like the new design, good fitting even over my fat wrists and wrist supports (which was a no-go with the old design)
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Re: Suitable Gloves

Postby Velocipedestrian on Tue 12/Jan/16 8:17pm

Another vote for Troy.
Trouble free for ages, and super comfy.
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Re: Suitable Gloves

Postby cb24nz on Tue 12/Jan/16 8:20pm

Was looking at shopping at Wiggle but see they don't do the Troy ones?
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Re: Suitable Gloves

Postby amb236 on Wed 13/Jan/16 8:59am

Just picked up some fox rangers, so far so good. About $45 so hardly breaking the bank.
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Re: Suitable Gloves

Postby cb24nz on Fri 15/Jan/16 10:42am

I've gone with Troy Lee XC gloves from Torpedo7, should arrive today.
Thanks for the suggestions!
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