Steerer Diameter Question

Postby cep32 on Mon 24/Oct/16 8:30pm

I've found a supplier for an air shock with adjustable rebound for a 20 inch kids bike. Unfortunately the steerer is 1.25 inch rather than the 1.125 inch in the current bike (a Specialized Hotrock). Is there any way of putting a different headset on it that will allow the larger diameter steerer to fit?

I've tried Google but my problem is not knowing what the search on.

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Re: Steerer Diameter Question

Postby Velocipedestrian on Tue 25/Oct/16 7:48am

Isn't that the size giant used for their original Overdrive "standard"?

They must have had headsets to fit... A shop that's stocked giant for a long time might be able to find one.
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Re: Steerer Diameter Question

Postby Dougal on Tue 25/Oct/16 12:20pm

I'd suspect a typo as making anything with a 1.25" steerer would give you close to 0 sales potential.

Ask them for the diameter in mm.

The giant 1.25" OD2 steerer was a thin section campy style bearing (41.8mm OD) so it fit a normal frame. It also had a special wedge, cap, spacers and stem.
It was one of the worst headset ideas of recent times.
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Re: Steerer Diameter Question

Postby AgrAde on Tue 25/Oct/16 12:59pm

I'm with Dougal on this one, I'd say it's either a tapered OD2 from a giant and there's no way to make it fit into a standard 1.125 straight head tube that the 20" kids bike no doubt has, or it's a mistake and it'll slip right in (much more likely).
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