Postby Datsane on Tue 10/Jan/06 6:13pm

I know but they didn't even make the list. Grow them inside with the other herbs :lol:
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"Chiave Inglese"
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Postby lubie on Tue 10/Jan/06 6:43pm

my house is too small :(
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Postby Oli on Tue 10/Jan/06 6:51pm

Put some Gro-Lites up in the attic...Your "herbs" will love it! :satan:
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Postby Fango on Thu 12/Jan/06 8:43am

You must grow spring onions! - grow year round and do not get eaten by pests. Mmmmmm. :)
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Postby Sims on Thu 12/Jan/06 9:00am

You can use rosemary to make fantastic little hedges, provided you get the "woody" varity. There was also this other herb that mum to grow, because it's aroma kept a lot of bugs/insects out of the veggie garden. Althought the name escapes me…
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Postby NightKid on Thu 12/Jan/06 10:55am

I heard lettuce was kinda harder to keep than other similar vegetables (e.g. spinach etc)
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