Starting A Club On Vorb . . .

Postby quarter cent on Mon 20/Apr/09 11:35pm

Greetings fellow VORBers - is there an actual name for users of VORB?

Anyway, there's a group of us who have decided to start up a community cycle club with all the necessary parts - president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, blah blah blah - and we are going to also set up a website. However, as this will take a while to set up we wanted to use an online place which we'd heard of named VORB to at least get us started and communicating in the meantime.

In my short time of using VORB, I've noticed that there is a club section where clubs can have their own little slice of the online paradise that is VORB. (eg. The Hamilton MTB Club.) This seems to be what I want.

What do I/we need to do in order to set up our own little 'page' in the club section so that we can announce rides, races, competitions, crashes, local roadworks, and that sort of thing, and not have it announced to everybody on the site? - hopefully making it easier to find the information we're looking for and not having to search through endless posts to find it.

Any help would be much appreciated.
quarter cent
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Re: Starting A Club On Vorb . . .

Postby Oli on Mon 20/Apr/09 11:38pm

Vorbii, Vorbateers, Vorbers, Vorbcensus, freaks, trippers, crackheads...whatever you like. :thumbsup:

If I was wanting to set up a club forum I would email Tama ( ) and whisper sweet nothings in his ear. ;)
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Re: Starting A Club On Vorb . . .

Postby Tama on Tue 21/Apr/09 11:44am

E-mail sent :)
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Re: Starting A Club On Vorb . . .

Postby RussS on Tue 21/Apr/09 12:19pm

We of the Hamilton Mountainbike club have our own website - just have a forum hosted on this wondeful place :)
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