Star On Saturday - Sucked On Sunday

Postby kleinboy on Tue 22/Sep/09 12:00pm

Yes, hi folks.
Coming to you live from high in the hills of the 473 (that would be Dunedin)
Locals of the 443 would get that line...

Anyhow, we rolled into town with the banjo's blazing on Friday (being from the country and all) after a reasonable trip across from "Central" what with the scone grabbers in tow......
Chuck had face planted on the playground in Roxburgh, across the road from Jimmy's Pies - hey what's a bleeding chin between social workers these days ?

Keighley had a bunch of moms to talk to about reusable nappies, so the kids and I collected Marc; our host with the most and went to Mazagran Cafe which is indeed sensational and minimalist - 1 x counter, 1 x coffee roaster 3 tables inside and 3 outside and the coffee should be licensed to thrill - phew !
These cats sre so cool they don't take eftpos - cash mate, yep, folding.
So, to speed things along along, had Japanese for tea from The Jitsu - fantastic and Emersons dark beer - variety TBC (London Porter - mmm).

Saturday was a trip to the Farmers Market at the Railway Station - if you live here and don't go- well you're missing out.
Then around the shops and as a special treat in the avo, the merry trio of myself, Marc & Hannah rode up Nicol's Creek (40 mins approx) and then gently rolled back down at a sedate pace.
Actually I told a lie.
I would have been convicted for failing to stop, speeding, reckless use of a vehicle and plain stupidity.
I instantly gave it a 20/10 on the rideometer and a gold star + it is now my new best all time favourite track to ride.
Fresh Fish for tea from the aforementioned market - another fantastic meal.

Sunday, I had the crap beaten out of me by Hannah and Marc with a few laps up and around Signal Hill.Image
For those not knowing this riding gem, it is up and down and all around and brutal.
Lots of rock sections just waiting for you to ragdoll ............Image
ImageSo, to sum up -
Great food, the weather behaved this time and awesome riding - once again Iruled on Saturday and rolled on Sunday.
Which reminds me of another away weekend I had recently, but I cannot divulge the contents of that one just yet, for fear of all media whore privileges been revoked.......

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