Sprint & Lunge Timing.

Postby skaterbill on Fri 22/Jan/10 12:00pm

Great to see old masters at work, Brett Coe from St. Andrews club in South Canterbury is one such rider, at levels raceway Wednesday night race of 7 laps was a points race, the A grade saw some exciting & close sprints, where in the 20 rider field Glen Gould, Craig Atwill, Todd Grant & Nicole Begg had some tight sprints to take out the top 4 placings.

I was Interested in the A grade of course with my daughter racing, but it was the B Grade that got me excited, nearly every sprint in the last couple of meters, a rather rotund Brett Coe still working off xmas feasting popped out alongside & with explicit Timming pinged the sprint, Lunging surging the bike forward, great to see & an art all youngsters need to practice.

Coe no slouch, in his prime, fought out Australian titles against the likes of the great Danny Clark & a juiced up Stephen Pate.

Well not content with Wednesday night Coe was at it again on Thursday night at St.Andrews in a 24 km group Handicap Trophy race he was the first ever to win long time ago. Jonathon the tri Bike man off from Go with a 20 min span over scratch, put in a great effort to outstay everyone, but a main group of 30 had formed & the pace on, as 2nd break had gained time on break & only finished 45 sec off Fastest Time scatch bunch.

Two of the ones forcing the pace were Brett Coe & Nicole Begg, both not afraid of Windburn the sprint started with Greg Smith, about 50 meters to go Begg hit the front, only to be taken by the craftey Brett Coe close to the line.

In Bike handling skills around the tight corners & lines through the bends & timming his lunge sprint, this guy displayed it all in two nights, I just hope the young cyclists see what I saw.

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Re: Sprint & Lunge Timming.

Postby sifter on Fri 9/Nov/12 9:59am

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