Calendar Event: November 7, 2010

South Island Downhill Champs- 7th Nov

Postby Eddie on Thu 28/Oct/10 1:03am

Bike Otago Presents...

The South Island Downhill Champs

When: 6th and 7th November
Where:Signal Hill Dunedin

Saturday: The track will be open for riding, and due to the public road to the top riders will be able to do their own runs.

Sunday: 8.30-10.30am Rego. Race Runs start at 1pm. Two timed runs, with the fastest counting. A third run will be offered for the top ten fastest riders.

Classes: U17, U19, Open Men, Open Women, Oldies

Cost: $40 Cash only please

The track will be brand new, never raced! Get some practice in for the 2011 National Champs.

Prize money up for grabs for the fastest Junior and Open riders.

Be there!

Anything else, contact Eddie Masters:
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Re: South Island Downhill Champs- 7th Nov

Postby glory_shreder08 on Fri 29/Oct/10 7:59am

Is there a website with some more info on it?
how to get to signal hill etc?
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Re: South Island Downhill Champs- 7th Nov

Postby TalkieT on Fri 29/Oct/10 2:16pm

I've just booked my accommodation to come down and shoot this and I'm considering putting up some prize money for the most photographer friendly outfit (clothes and bike)...

Some of the best shots I get action wise look boring as hell due to the rider wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

The guys (and gals) wearing sponsor supplied gear and nice bright kit almost always look better in photos, and from a technical viewpoint, cameras work better on bright contrasty clothes - the autofocus can pick them up more accurately.

So please, leave your black t-shirts at home :-) It's like when I shoot drifting and the guys take their front bumpers off... Uggh. Ugly.

Cheers - N
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Re: South Island Downhill Champs- 7th Nov

Postby DWNHiLGHOST on Sat 30/Oct/10 5:12pm

Awesome. If anyone else is keen to take photo's or even video check out,!/gro ... 6413898365 and post 'em up. There is quite a lot of interest in the photo's. I would love to shoot photo's myself but I enjoy riding my bike more! See ya there.
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Re: South Island Downhill Champs- 7th Nov

Postby Eddie on Wed 3/Nov/10 9:46am

The race area is setup at logan park high school, google maps will be able to provide you with all the info as of how to get there depending on where youre coming from. Weather looks good for the weekend, should be a ripper!
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