Re: Uk Or Nz? I'll Soon Find Out...

Postby RHR_Rob on Wed 11/Feb/09 9:22am

bigJIMMY wrote:you really can't compare NZ to UK.

one is blessed with mountains, lakes and friendly people.
the other is a damp grey shit hole with people that have forgotten how to smile. (try walking down oxford st and see how friendly everyone is)

people move to a totally different beat here and in general are less concerned with the rat race mentality and material wealth.

screw the holiday, just move here. (even though i think there are enough english IT techs here to sink the country :crazy: )

on the property note, it was touched on before but you really must look into it.
if you don't sell your house in england you can re-mortgage it getting the interest rates from england to invest/buy property here.

we own a house in sweden and make use of the 2.9% interest rate to buy property/toys here. yes 2.9% !!!!

The UK is blessed with plenty of mountains and lakes (one even has a monster in) you just cant see them for the low grey cloud expelling rain all the time:-)
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Re: Uk Or Nz? I'll Soon Find Out...

Postby RHR_Rob on Wed 11/Feb/09 9:27am

bigJIMMY wrote:i rode throughout the uk, with the majority of the trails that i found and were directed to boring and flat.

give me steep dropping trails and lung busting climbs over monotonous switchbacks through flat forest anyday.

Sounds like you were in Norfolk and asked the wrong people!
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