Postby jeremyb on Tue 10/Jun/03 12:59pm

Good to see nothings changed ;) :D
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Postby The Pretender on Fri 13/Jun/03 4:32pm

Next thing I knew I was eating the grass that my face was lying on.......Mmmmmmm, grass(chew, chew) I tell ya, it tasted damn good(probably why I've got occasional vegetarian tendencies these days)

holy crap! :crazy: thats mad.....cant say ive every been that bad, but i did try a 10k ride just after I had the flu, and i was pretty shot after a few kilometers....but i just turned back, and slowly made my way home....
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Postby munki on Fri 13/Jun/03 5:05pm

once i was just riding across town (i hand slept the previous nite and was in one hell of a hurry so sprinting most of the way) and absolutely hit hte wall so to speak. i rode onto the footpath and collapsed on the grass, and i dont remember anything for a bit till i got woken up by this old lady who was a little worried by my inconsistent breathing and unnatural body position... luckily i was in the shade of a tree and she gave me sum water so i assured her i was fine and continued on my a rather more leisurely pace
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