Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby cammmy on Fri 17/Jul/09 12:08pm

Hey Guys

Ski Bike conversion kits are available here:

Not cheap but is riding ever?

These are not being made any more and the patent owner is not allowing anyone to manufacter them. If people get in as a group you may be able to get a discount/reduced shipping.

Just thought I would let everyone know as I spent a long time looking for some of these.

They also have adapters for 20mm axles.

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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby j-dax on Fri 17/Jul/09 5:12pm

Hey mate looked at that kit looks like cheap shit to me! You could make it up yourself pretty simple and not all that expensive 100cm kids twin tip skis are only about 400NZD new. Then get some brackets made up to mount on the skis Centre mount front ski and rear ski slightly forward and some foot pegs for bb and you’re away!!
It Would not cost you much at all. And I would say would be a lot better then what you are thinking of buying.
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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby RussS on Fri 17/Jul/09 5:34pm

Don't think it was this one was it?

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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby Jay1491 on Fri 17/Jul/09 6:48pm

I is making one. It include steal hubs, flat bar steel, welding and dynastar skis from the 90's that are cut down. Will post pics when i finish it.
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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby IamTOAD on Fri 17/Jul/09 7:04pm

That dude has a wigga earing
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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby SkiBikeFun on Sun 9/Aug/09 2:46am

Hey all-
we promise the Winter X Bike conversion kits are not crap. We would not carry them or offer them if they were. The skis are quality built woodcore boards with built in inserts that create a rock solid connection from the bracket to the skis. The skis are much more stronger than kids skis. Just some advice, kids skis will work for beginner riding but as soon as you start hitting it hard, you will crack the skis or pull out the mounts. Kids skis are not designed for hard ridding or the weight of full size riders and added bike equipment. The brackets themselves are T6061 forged Al and are machined out of a single piece and not welded or connected together. Also the spring system that keeps the ski level when off the ground, works very well and hard to recreate when making your own kit. You will be surprised how fast the price climbs once you start using compairable material and compairable skis.

I still ride the same kit I started on 6+ seasons ago. I upgraded the boards (good quality Ski Boards..not kids skis) many seasons ago only because the x-rails provided with the kits, while great on groomers and ligt powder are not that great off trail or in back country conditions.

We only ask for an additional $50 USD for shipping to NZ. At $475 USD total, you are still under the price of any production skibike on the market today with exception of the Crighton 28st with GRC boards. We have them available at $345 USD but they are no longer in active production. Put this kit on a nice higher end bike and you will have a great machine for many many seasons to come.

Just wanted to add some clarity to above comments on the Winter X Bike Conversion Kit. We have already sent several kits to NZ this season with no complaints so far.


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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby luseboy on Tue 16/Feb/10 1:22pm

Ya, i have one of the new kits (Alpine ski bike) which is exactly the same thing, just with a different sticker. I acctually haven't used it yet, i just bought some used x-rails a few days ago, gonna hit the slopes bright and early tomorrow morning, the skis seem to be of great quality, though the ones i got are pretty beaten up. the kit is really high qaulity, the brackets are one-piece, and are of awsome quality, the axle that goes throgh them is very solid, the springs are nice and strong, they are extremely important, because without them, every time you went airborne, the front of your skis would dig straight into the snow when you landed, youd definatley fly over the bars, possibly get seriously injured, and most definatley, snap your skis in two. with them, the skis go back to level before you land, so that you can keep going. oh, and by the way, ive talked to a few guys who have this kit, and have been using it for seasons on end with no problem, and they love them, they also say that childrens skis will last you half a day of riding, before they end up snapping, pulling out of the kit, or getting really badly damaged. If you want to ski bike, unless your one ritch mofo, this is the thing to get. I would stay away from the one ski bike thats cheaper than it, because it uses larger skis, about the size of a snow board, which are made of plastic.
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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby RHR_Rob on Tue 16/Feb/10 1:29pm

Did that as a kid on my 20" nailed some Alli to some bits of wood and attatched it to the forks + Rear i never patented it so suspect it didnt work too well :D
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Re: Ski Bike Conversion Kits

Postby toominator on Wed 17/Feb/10 10:18am

you could always just ski...
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