Sick Mtb Track With Djs

Postby LeeChungSoo on Sat 27/Sep/08 1:36pm

-18 1i 18 1i 8 21 8 28 d 2b f 2k g 31 5 3d -k 3g -p 3l -p 4b -o 4m -7 4q a 4o 8 46 n 3t s 41 19 4h 1s 55 2b 5a 2o 5e 35 5r 3m 6f 4m 7b 5f 7q 5g 84 63 8b 6b 8b 7q 92 8m 9b,8m 9c 99 al 99 av 9a be 9m be bb df ci ea ci f1 d4 f3 eo fu fp gl e2 gv dr i9 eu ic f8 hv fp i0 ho kg iv lg,iv le jl lp l5 md l5 ni ll o1 l9 oa li pf lr pf me pf mt pf nk p6 ob p1 ra rp qv sg q1 sc po sc pm sr q1 t7 r3 t9 rj t9 sa t4 ug ui vr vm un 101 u5 104 tu 10t ug 11f vm 128 126 11v 126 11c 114 10v 114 116 10q 11j 10o 11s 10o 121,126 11e 13l 11o 141 127 141 12j 13t 132 138 13a 12u 13p 131 14g 15j 140 16a 14p 17i 15o 18t 16e 1ac 16l 1c1 16j,157 12e 177 12t 18l 12v 1bo 12j 1dg 12l 1f1 12t 1gk 134 1i9 134 1k8 12q 1m5 129,155 12j 169 12v 17g 136 18n 136 1ah 134 1bt 12t 1d4 12t 1e6 132 1g0 13e 1i7 13l 1kn 136 1ma 12l,198 136 198 16a,19p 13b 19n 16a,1c0 16h 1ei 17e 1is 182 1kk 18o 1lf 19l 1m5 1a6 1no 1b8 1og 1ch 1r3 1gn 1se 1ie,1ji 13e 1jl 187,1jv 13l 1jv 182,1dn 139 1dl 16t,1eb 13j 1e8 172,1s7 1ia 1tl 1j9 213 1kg 22l 1kn 24s 1kq 268 1l1,267 1l0 26b 1lj 26b 1ma 260 1n4 260 1o0 262 1ob 26i 1on 26u 1on 27n 1os 27n 1p7 281 1ps 28a 1q5 28m 1qf 29r 1qf 2ap 1qc 2cf 1qa 2dk 1qq 2eb 1r1 2ei 1r4 2f7 1r4 2fm 1r9 2h6 1sh 2jh 1u8 2kr 1us 2lm 1v5 2kr 1vp 2ld 1vv 2lr 1vv 2m3 1vv 2ma 1vk 2nv 201 2o6 209 2oc 20b 2oo 20b 2qu 20v 2s6 214 2u2 20s 2ur 20g 2vs 1vs 30a 1vp 30l 1vf,30m 1vd 315 1vj 31u 1vj 32i 1vi,33g 1v6 342 1vi,38b 20o 36b 20e 35d 206 34o 1vs 33t 1ve,32o 1vf 33b 1v5,38c 20o 383 21k 383 22i 38v 23q 3ag 25c 3cl 26c 3d3 271 3eg 291 3f4 29m 3g1 2aj 3h5 2b5 3j3 2bs 3kq 2c3 3mh 2c0 3nu 2bh 3p3 2at 3q9 2a2 3sd 2a5 47l 2ck 497 2cu 49q 2cp 4a2 2cn 4fr 2e4 4io 2fj 4l2 2fe,40b 2au 40f 299 40b 286,40s 2ar 411 287,3t7 27j 40a 286 41b 286 43p 28o 461 29m 484 2ak 4a3 2ba 4ch 2bs 4e8 2bv 4fq 2bs 4h1 2bi,3t6 276 3ue 27i 3vc 27n 408 27q 40s 27o 41e 27o 41q 27o 42l 27s 43t 289 45a 28v 46e 29j 47m 2a2 492 2ah 4ap 2b3 4bv 2b8 4da 2b6 4e8 2b1 4fi 2am 4gc 2ac,3p2 2au 3pm 2ab 3q4 29m 3q9 29c,44d 28e 42k 27b 41f 26o 40h 26m 3t7 26m 3t5 279,4j9 2dc 4q4 2jg,4j4 2dr 4pn 2jg,4ku 2fg 4m4 2gt 4lv 2hr 4l3 2i8 4ka 2ip 4km 2jv 4mj 2km 4nt 2kr 4p0 2l5 4pn 2lk,4o5 2kr 4o7 2ia,4om 2l0 4op 2in,4pi 2lm 4qs 2m7 4rl 2mf 4st 2mp 4ud 2nk 50l 2ok 53g 2p6 560 2p6,4j1 2ds 4eu 2dr,4ed 2dj 4j8 2dg,4a9 2cn 4a8 2bd,4ag 2cn 4aj 2bf,4g9 2db 4g7 2bq,4gl 2de 4gh 2bp,4gv 2bh 4gj 2ae,55t 2p8 574 2p4 58a 2oq 598 2of 5a4 2ns 5ao 2n7 5b9 2mf 5bq 2lm 5c5 2lm 5c9 2lm 5ce 2m9 5cf 2mm 5ck 2nh 5ea 2ns 5gl 2o0 5j9 2o2 5m4 2o9 5nl 2ok 5r8 2qp 5v1 2sp 61n 2td,5iv 2nu 5iv 2ga,5gd 2g8 5u9 2g4 64f 2je 647 2tb 65r 2tb 67p 2tb 68h 2tl 69m 2ud 6ac 2um 6eq 33g 6ie 35v 6mm 37q 6qa 38f 70v 38r 74a 38d 76t 37j 792 36f 792 38a 74h 38i 7j9 37v 7su 38a 87r 38h 8d0 38m,61r 2tb 64f 2tf,5gf 2g8 5gf 2gj 5iq 2gj,5jo 2hs 5jo 2mc 5uk 2ml 5uj 2i2 5jk 2hs,649 2kk 611 2kk 618 2nq 646 2nq,5p3 2pf 613 2pk 615 2t4,5os 2mu 5os 2om,5ov 2ns 5qa 2n0,5p7 2no 5qp 2om,5rr 2n2 5r1 2nf 5r1 2o5 5rl 2oj,5rn 2oj 5sd 2o9 5sd 2o2 5sd 2nb 5rt 2n6,5ss 2n8 5t0 2oq,5su 2na 5u7 2om 5u4 2n2,5v9 2n0 5ui 2oh,5vb 2n0 601 2oj,5v0 2nq 5vo 2nq,812 36m 84c 36k,8cs 38h 846 36j,8ct 38h 8ih 39l 8oq 3ab,80q 36j 80q 383,8le 3a0 8pf 36o 8uf 3aj,8lu 39v 8pg 372 8u7 3al,8p0 37l 8p0 3a8,8oo 3ac 8r9 3ai 8sf 3ae 8sq 3ac,8ps 37e 8pt 3aa,8sn 3ac 8to 3ae,8vn 3de 8up 3e5 8tk 3eq 8st 3f4 8si 3ff 8sc 3g2,8jf 39n 8k1 39n 8kj 39l 8lk 39a 8ml 38r 8n1 38k,8sf 3g0 8sf 3h4 8rj 3i0 8q7 3ii 8od 3k0 8nc 3kn 8m8 3l6 8kb 3lg 8i9 3lj 8h2 3lj,8sm 396 8tc 39g 8u2 39n 8v1 39s 8vj 39r,8vm 3de 958 39o 96p 38i 97o 37e 98n 364,8h2 3lh 8gb 3lh 8er 3kr 8cl 3jo 8cj 3k0 8fn 3lh 8ei 3lh 8dh 3ln 8cg 3lr 8bs 3m1 8aq 3md 89r 3mn 892 3mn 88j 3mn,8cr 3lk 8cj 3k2,8dc 3lm 8d2 3k5,8aa 3jg 879 3i8,8ag 3j9 876 3hu 87c 3ml,87l 3id 87m 3mi,8a6 3jj 8a8 3mf,8ak 3jc 8ag 3mb,88o 3mq 87q 3mk 874 3mg 866 3mg 855 3mg 83k 3ln 839 3kp 82j 3jm 81v 3jh 7vp 3l3,83c 3in 85s 3i3 85q 3ib 83f 3iv 83e 3in,83e 3iv 83j 3lm,83t 3j2 840 3lm,85b 3ij 85k 3mb,85n 3id 85v 3mf,7vn 3l3 7ut 3lm 7tr 3m6 7s3 3o2 7r3 3ov 7qf 3r8 7pc 3rq 7o6 3se 7n8 3t7 7ml 3tv 7mb 3u4,7im 41k 7e2 45p 76p 48o 73t 4b0,7gr 45u 7gp 45n,-16 1i -1s 1i,8u9 3am 8vf 39t,7md 3u3 7iq 3v3 7hl 3v8 7d9 3vb,7hl 3v8 7i2 40n 7io 41h,7hq 3vq 7a3 401,7d9 3va 7a0 3vf 7a3 3vv,79r 474 77d 425 76b 425 74f 42p 71g 453 6vu 45o 6uj 45v 6t6 45v 6qh 45n 6p9 45q 6nl 466 6m0 472 6kl 47h 6jb 47o 6i6 480 6ge 48c 6eo 495 6e1 49v 6eg 49v 6f1 49g 6fv 491 6ha 48s 6j4 48d 6lm 47t 6mk 47e 6ng 46v 6og 46e 6q4 469 6s0 469 6v2 46l 71f 461 72l 45b 73m 44i 75c 43d 76l 42r 778 42o 77i 42o,7c5 468 7a9 3vu 7aq 401 7cj 462,73u 4b3 733 4b3 6ra 4cf 6hk 4bk 6f6 4be,6f6 4fr 6dk 4gt 6c8 4h4 68b 4no 661 4re 619 4vv 5t6 52n 5ov 546 5l9 54q 5h2 554,6g1 4b7 6fu 493,6gi 493 6gf 4ba,76p 42s 791 47f,6te 4c3 6te 46g,6uc 46n 6uj 4bl,5h3 554 5b6 556 56a 556 555 556 558 4sb,5ea 4s7 5ea 4un 557 4ur,566 4sv 566 4u3,566 4t0 578 4t0,566 4tc 56i 4tc,57g 4su 58o 4su,586 4su 586 4u6,57j 4u6 595 4u6,59f 4u6 59e 4sp 5a8 4tu 5a7 4sk,6f4 4fs 6he 4fu 6im 4g4 6k1 4gt 6l6 4i7 6lq 4ji,6d4 4i1 6db 4l0 6eb 4kr 6er 4k9 6er 4j9 6eq 4ib 6dt 4hr 6cv 4hr,6fm 4hr 6hk 4hp,6gi 4hs 6gm 4j4 6gk 4jo 6g7 4kg 6fp 4kj 6fm 4kh 6f9 4k4 6f2 4je,6hn 4jg 6kp 4m7 6kp 4kb 6j6 4mm 6km 4m8,6lr 4jg 6mk 4kq 6nn 4m2 6p9 4n6 6r6 4o3 6tm 4oj 70k 4on 727 4od 73j 4nq 74f 4n3 76q 4kb 77t 4in 78o 4in 7ag 4ip,98m 366 98l 32h 95c 32h,7hs 4im 7ir 4kg 7kl 4mv 7ng 4ps 7q9 4rt 7st 4ti,7af 4ip 7ak 4ip 7b5 4i5 7bv 4go 7cp 4ge 7e4 4gh 7g3 4gq 7gr 4hi 7hq 4ih,7sr 4tj 7tu 4u5 81a 4vb 84h 4vs 86u 4vp 894 4v5 8ap 4u8 8c5 4t5 8d6 4rq 8dq 4qi 8el 4nv 8f4 4m4 8fc 4k5 8hf 4k2 8it 4qb 8kt 4vg 8m9 52d 8nn 548 8qs 56b 8u0 57h 91c 58b 944 58e 98s 57n 9be 56q 9dp 559 9ff 53h 9ha 50s 9ie 4u4 9j0 4ri 9jg 4o1 9lb 4o0 9mc 4tr 9o5 53i 9pn 562 9sf 58i 9uv 5a6 a1r 5bo a52 5cr a7i 5da a97 5d8##B 55e 54l 2o,B 54q 54l 2q,T 55v 54j,T 81e 3jf,T 86e 3hc,T 1on 1c7,T 23u 1k7,T 30 5d,T 7h 8l,T aq cg,T ga i0,T 3dh 26k,T 55j 2ol,T 85j 364,T 8q3 36j,T 8i4 3l7,T 66k 4pq,T 73g 42s,T 6qb 457,T 6l0 46u,T 6e3 49b

There is a dj part towrds the end that isnt finished.

Hope you like. Tell me if there is anything I can improve on.
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Postby sircrashalot on Sat 27/Sep/08 1:39pm

ummm.use the thread
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Postby mx_mitch on Sat 27/Sep/08 5:22pm

he doesn't have to as long as its in the forum its ok
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