Re: Show Us Your Vege Garden

Postby Simonius_Titius on Mon 13/Jan/14 10:15pm

I'm embarrassed. We just dug up a strip of lawn next to the south fence, threw in some poo + compost etc followed by seeds.

It is really productive, weeds come up so fast I have to tell visitors "that's actually a vege garden".
Veges grow well too.

We had lots of grassgrub at the start so I turned the ground over many times to let the birds get them. Slugs were picked off at nights with a torch, very easy. They are not around much this year, too dry perhaps.
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Re: Show Us Your Vege Garden

Postby jo on Mon 13/Jan/14 10:56pm

Mine's just been neglected for two weeks, but wellingtons weather has kept it from drying out.
The kohl rabi got fat in those two weeks - huge. And the silverbeet is choking the cos lettuce behind it. Peas going well flowering and podding, but yet to fill out. Courgettes producing a small one every couple of days - not yet at full speed yet.
Parsley is attempting to crowd out the rocket, and winning. :rolleyes: Gonna have to hack it back. I likes me rocket.
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Re: Show Us Your Vege Garden

Postby FLATULENTFRIEND on Tue 14/Jan/14 8:52am

Very impressive efforts people :thumbsup:

Here's ours(well, its mainly my wife's efforts); apple tree, fejoas, grapevine doing well.
We've got some other edibles in planter boxes too.
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Re: Show Us Your Vege Garden

Postby Slapheid on Tue 14/Jan/14 10:03am

jo wrote:Looks far too tidy!
Nice one. :thumbsup:

Cheers! Pea straw is the bizzo for keeping the weeds down, keeping the soil damp, and provides a comfy sunbed for the cat.
I'm also 'into' straight lines :paranoid:
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