Should NZ Change it's flag?

Yes we should... to what?
No we shouldn't... It's fine as it is.
Potato Guns are cool.
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Postby Waz on Thu 12/Aug/04 1:38pm

I'm all for a change. The silver fern seems like a good choice to me, as for being a sports symbol well I think the silver fern has been growing in New Zealand a bit longer than the all blacks have been around.

Also everyone seems to be debating about our own ability to recognise our own which is a good point but if you showed our flag and the australian flag to anyone from anywhere else(australia included) I bet they wouldn't notice the difference or at least think they're from different countrys.

But then again a dildo would generate more interest I feell...
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Postby pissface on Thu 12/Aug/04 2:13pm

jeremyb wrote:
Kyle wrote:They did fight for the flag, the flag was the symbol of the way of life and people they wanted to maintain, they certainly wern't doing it because crawling round in trenches watchin thier mates getting shot while waiting for thier turn to jun up and try and run threw the barbed wire was what made thier day. True it does'nt matter what the symbol itself is as long as they believe in it.

I think you have us confused with America, New Zealanders don't give a damn about the flag or this bullshit patriotism crap that the yanks use to control the masses, the flag is a sign of our dependence on the UK, something which is a complete waste of space IMO.
Theresa a lot of NZ'ers who seems to buy into the proud to be a kiwi crap, and believe we are better than the rest of the world.
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Postby thecharmed01 on Thu 12/Aug/04 2:15pm

there's just not enough of em to make us seem like americans :p
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Postby DbP on Fri 13/Aug/04 7:21am

Kyle wrote: I'm talking about the realisation that two people who may have never met each other before can work together in probably the worst environment imaginable because of the same acknowledgement for the symbol (which may or may not be a flag it could be a gold cow) they both grew up under.
It's got nothing to do with the flag - the reason those people went to war is because the government forced them to :(

And quite frankly, if you're getting shot at, anyone who isn't firing at you becomes a de facto friend regardless of flag of any other perceived commonalities.
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