Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby mark2c on Sat 14/Feb/15 11:54am

Wobbler wrote:avoid anything made by crank brothers

If you get cornered by fundamentalists you can use the ass-plosion as a diversion (sure I've seen this on a movie).
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Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby pushbikerider on Sat 14/Feb/15 9:48pm

dwgknz wrote:I never signed up to the spare brake pad gang. I've always seen them as a regular maintenance item. Do they have they ability to fail part way through a ride?

It depends upon how long your rides tend to be. For a few hours in the local trail area, I won't bother with spare pads, but a full day or more in more isolated places I will take a spare set of pads. Although this is also added to by the fact that I tend to run Hope brakes which one is less like to come across support for on a weekend, in a stange location.
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Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby AgrAde on Sat 14/Feb/15 11:27pm

If it doesn't weigh anything then it's worth carrying right?
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Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby Wobbler on Sun 15/Feb/15 8:45am

What if it weighs more than a duck?
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Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby slidecontrol on Sun 15/Feb/15 9:13am

clearly not a witch then
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Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby fittzy on Wed 4/Mar/15 2:39pm

Still purchasing some of this stuff as funds are available, but so far the stuff I've picked up a few things so thought I'd give some feedback in case anyone else is interested.

I got a Camelbak Lobo, which I'm really happy with. Seems to work well, 3L of water lasts me a good few hours and there's just enough room for some storage without being too bulky.

Also grabbed some Fox Ranger shorts which have been pretty comfortable. They have a zip pocked on the front, which I like for my phone. Seperate lining, which isn't too bad. I also picked up a pair of Tinelli padded lycra shorts/liner, which are OMG comfy on the rear-end :)

Still looking for gloves I like. I got some cheap $20 Dakine's from T7 until I work out what I want. They're not very good. Velcro is flimsy and comes undone.. but my major gripe with them is the inner seam at the end of the thumb digs into my thumb/under my nail.

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Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby Dougal on Wed 4/Mar/15 5:11pm

AgrAde wrote:tripalz

great uncle bulgaria wrote:Flatz or Clipz??

I should put my caged clip-ins on my 97 FSR dual crown. :)
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Re: Shopping List Of Mtb Basics

Postby JulioRiviera on Wed 4/Mar/15 8:43pm

Ground Effect have gloves on sale:
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