Shipping A Bike To The Uk From Auckland

Postby psc38 on Sun 24/Jan/10 1:28pm


I'm heading over to London (via a week in Vancouver) to travel for approx 3 months before heading back to Canada to live for a while. The problem I have is that I have two bikes I need to travel with, my hardtail which I have converted into a touring bike as I'm going to spend 7 weeks touring Switzerland/italy and I also have my Enduro which will be used in Canada and for some MTbing in Europe, I have a week booked with trail addiction in the french alps :)

Since I'm going to ride the Enduro for a week in Vancouver I was thinking of sending my hardtail to London so I didn't have to worrying about lugging it around with me.

Can anyone recommend any companies to send this as airfreight? Air New Zealand unaccompanied luggage will cost me $100 fee plus $14 a kilo, there is also a UK custom's clearance which which they don't quote the cost of.

Any recommendations will be much appreciated.


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Re: Shipping A Bike To The Uk From Auckland

Postby pushbikerider on Sun 24/Jan/10 4:10pm

At $100, plus $14 per KG sounds not too bad to me, try the likes of TNT, Fedex, and look in your yellow pages for freight fowarders, but to be honest, air NZ will probly be cheaper
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Re: Shipping A Bike To The Uk From Auckland

Postby razza on Mon 25/Jan/10 9:06pm

You might not be aware that you will get charged on the volume of the box the bike is in. From memory a typical bike box works out to roughly 40-45kgs. (volume in metres x 167 to work out the volumetric weight)

Also in London you cannot complete a customs clearance yourself. You have to appoint a broker to do it on your behalf. I believe the cost of that is around 40pounds
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