Re: Shimano Xt Brakes Pump Up.

Postby el_booto on Wed 15/Jun/16 10:30pm

I've had good success pushing the pistons out (after removing the pads) and giving them a blast with some spray lube (I use weldtite TF2) pushing them back in and cycling them a couple of times, then clean up with isopropyl/brake cleaner and reinstall pads. Job done
I'd do that, then check the bleed.

(This is my "quick fix" technique I use at work on a daily basis, I have only found a handful of brakes it hasn't sorted: and they were found to be beyond repair)
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Re: Shimano Xt Brakes Pump Up.

Postby pokey on Thu 16/Jun/16 8:15pm

Brake seals can easily be ruined from contact with common lubes and cleaners, what's OK for mineral oil systems will fry glycol seals and vice versa.
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Re: Shimano Xt Brakes Pump Up.

Postby shmoodiver on Thu 16/Jun/16 8:53pm

I reckon it's a port timing issue in the levers
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