Postby skint on Tue 20/Jun/06 11:48am

Well said PedalOn
I think as part of a wider network of cycle trails this sort of thing would be great here. Like those krypton factor style assault courses provincial councils were putting in all over the show in the late 80s to give ratpayers something to expel their corporate stresson, only with wider appeal to the more learner end of the MTB spectrum.
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Postby Bigfoot on Tue 20/Jun/06 11:59am

it will require much less work for upkeep being gravel - looks fun!

I was going to say "Skills area near Seattle, know as BC"
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Postby bman on Tue 20/Jun/06 5:49pm

it sorta looks like a mini golf place bieng biult but its still a good idea :thumbsup:
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Postby hang0ver on Tue 20/Jun/06 7:42pm

Hmm, Seattle? Worth popping out to this weekend you reckon?
I was thinking of exploring more of Welly's tracks, but this is some INSANE sh-t.
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Postby Robbie on Tue 20/Jun/06 8:13pm

fraserb wrote: that would be sweet if it was on your commute to work :thumbsup:
looks fairly tight in the corners tho. probably not too Xtreme DH bike friendly :eh:

No way Jose. My trusty M3 can get around just about any switchback ( it does have the 40s which do have nice steering lock tho)

A couple of extra inches in length is not the problem you might at first expect in the tight stuff. ( as long as you drive the bike like a bus.. front wheel near the outside edge )

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Postby j2hyde on Tue 20/Jun/06 10:50pm

It rains a lot in Seattle. Gravel and concrete are good choices given the conditions, the canadians started using wooden platforms for the same reason. Some gravel, concrete and built up platforms wouldnt go astray in parts of vic park either.
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