Seat Stay / Chain Stay Bolt???

Postby anaucklandpsyclist on Sat 24/Feb/18 2:44pm

Hi folks,
Was hoping someone could help me out here - I bought a second hand EMC2 road bike a couple of years ago. It's been pretty good but yesterday I had some real issues commuting home. Didn't realise till I got home that the bolt that connects the seat stay and chain stay had fallen out - well I assume that's what was holding it in place. I've actually never had a 2 piece like this before.

Any ideas what I can do? I'm guessing replacement parts may be hard to come by?

Basically that bolt on the chain stay goes through a small gap in the seat stay and then there's a hole on the other side which I assume a tiny screw goes through into the chain stay bolt to hold it all in place. I think that's what has fallen out.

If I can't get the replacement screw/bolt thing then I was wondering what other options I might have. It actually sits reasonably ok it's just when there's some movement side to side when it pops out so I'm thinking a few options here:
* Weld it together - allthough not sure about carbon fiber to aliminium???
* Clamp it together somehow? This isn't actually connecting the two parts together just holding it together so the bolt through the middle stays in place

Something screwed in here into the bolt on the other side
This seems to be fixed into the chain stay I think
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Re: Seat Stay / Chain Stay Bolt???

Postby philstar on Mon 26/Feb/18 1:25pm

assuming the other side has not fallen out too. can you provide photos of the other side (non drive side), or is it completely different. so we can see what it should look like.

you could maybe pull the screw from the otherside and take a look (and photo) and take it into a fastening supply shop (what city are you in?).

you cannot weld carbon fiber!
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Re: Seat Stay / Chain Stay Bolt???

Postby Conners on Mon 26/Feb/18 7:59pm


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