Re: Scott Watson The (bulls**t) Artiste

Postby trancemaster on Mon 16/Jan/17 6:49pm

I Agree with the Law Prof nerd,
uncertain over Guilt , disgusted with very poor conviction and dodgy evidence
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Re: Scott Watson The (bulls**t) Artiste

Postby Slapheid on Fri 27/Jan/17 3:44pm

You may be interested in DI Rob Pope's next case, the murder of Lisa Blakie. It appears he did the same thing again; suppressing evidence and steering the investigation away from the likely suspects, instead going after deplorable scum bag No.1

There is a Facebook group set-up by Lisa's Dad and Bridget McMenamin. McMenamin is an ex police officer who worked under Pope on the Blakie case, 2 years after the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Scott Watson in 1999. Bridget, a career cop of 10 years left the police force in disgust after Pope refused to include in the case and disclose to the defence evidence given by some 10 witnesses of a white van seen in the area where Lisa Blakie's body was discovered. This van, similar to one owned by the gang Lisa was running from, likely proved that the gang was responsible for her murder, and that Pope's chosen suspect Taylor was in fact the wrong man.

In the 'files' section of the FB group there is a pile of great info in there including witness statements and warrant applications which clearly point to Lisa's ex and his Devil Henchmen associates
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