Roof Racks Carrier- Thule 591 Vs Yakima Frontloader

Postby matnz on Wed 17/May/17 4:00pm

Due change to bike carry wagon, I now want to put 4 bikes on the roof (when towing the caravan). I Use to carry two bikes on the roof and two on a spare wheel rack, but no longer have spare wheel. Not interested in removing front wheels - the bikes are for the family, and it comes down to me to put the wheels on the bikes - I prefer to spend the time riding.

Currently I have 2 x Thule 591's - which I like, so would be happy with 591's or the newer version 598's. Have set these up on one side of car facing opposite directions- and although its an SUV can easily manage them with a step and am happy four bikes will work pretty well.

I have seen the Yakima Front loader, and like the idea of not clamping my carbon frame. How are these in comparison to the 591 - anyone with strong preference for one or other, or are they much of a muchness in terms of speed and easy of loading bikes?

Also price of Thule and Yakima exceeds my pain threshold at NZ prices, but there is a crowd in ChCh selling a Chinese ripoff of the Frontloader rack for $140 - anyone had experience with these- good, bad, ugly etc? I am mindful the bikes are not worth a lot (the Thule's are worth as much as the boys bikes), but the damage the could potentially do if they fall of means I want a rack I can trust.
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Re: Roof Racks Carrier- Thule 591 Vs Yakima Frontloader

Postby dwgknz on Wed 17/May/17 8:16pm

591s are no longer available and the new 598s have a torque limiter on them so you're less likely to damage a carbon frame. I have no issues with either of my carbon bikes (roadie and anthem) on the roof.

They've gone up in price on CRC, now $180 each. I got 2 last year for $145 each.
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