Rockshox Judy Sl On A Giant Mcm990 (no Diskbreak Mounts)

Postby mrjackwang on Fri 28/Oct/11 8:06pm

Hi guys,

I wish to install diskbreaks on my Giant MCM990..
Unfortunately the 1997 RockShox Judy SL shocks that does not have disk break mounts.
Are there anyone out there have experience on putting diskbreaks on this bike..

Front: I know I probably will have to upgrade the shocks, but this shock is working so well, I don't want to swap it out if I dont have to. So does anyone have a broken Judy SL shocks that has diskmounts that I can swap the bottom piece out?? Or if you are interested in trading shocks.
Back: Anyone have experience on what parts I need to do this??

I will need to get some nice new wheels for it too..

Please see a picture of the bike on
Any help will be apreciated.

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Re: Rockshox Judy Sl On A Giant Mcm990 (no Diskbreak Mounts)

Postby Conners on Fri 28/Oct/11 9:50pm

To be brutally honest, your money would be much better spent on a bike already equipped with discs.
There are systems available to convert the rear to discs (brake therapy did one from memory?), but the dropouts of a non-disc frame are simply not designed to handle the torque that a disc generates.

In terms of costs, you will realistically be looking at a new fork (which WILL perform better than your Judy SL!), new hubs and wheel build (may as well be new wheelset), the new brakes themselves, and whatever bodging you need to do to the rear end. All of this would go a long way towards a new ride, which I'm picking will perform a lot better than your 990. Suspension design has come a long way in the last 14 years!

If you can't stretch that for, a more modern fork with disc mounts and a disc on the front would make a pretty decent upgrade (plus upgraded front hub/wheel also). I ran a disc front/v-brake rear on my old hardtail for ages, it was fine as the majority of your braking is done with the front wheel.
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Re: Rockshox Judy Sl On A Giant Mcm990 (no Diskbreak Mounts)

Postby dented on Sat 29/Oct/11 7:58am

:withstupid: What he said.

I dont think it has ever been economical to convert a non-disc bike to discs.
Save up and buy a new (or 2nd hand) more modern bike.
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