Road Ride Sunday Morning Photo Gallery

Postby stronginhim on Mon 15/Dec/08 11:20am

Sunday morning Road rides.

This starts from outside Pushbikes shop (New World car park area). We leave at 8:30am. Heading along Ashley Street to the Rakahuri Bridge. Heading out to the Ashley Gorge road. Turning left at German road to Cust then back to Rangiora for a Coffee. Completing the 80km Road Ride.

This ride is the same route for the Hospital Charity Race (March each year).

On the Sunday rides there are a great variety of riding skills. From Bob :cool: (Fast, experienced & gives great advise. Hardly ever misses a ride) to Ian :eh: (Has been only riding for a short time and inexperienced).

This ride is great for all;
- Have Fun :D
- Bunch Ride technics
- Keep Tim
- Time out away from Work :p
- Get the blood circulating
- You get go as far as you want to GO in cycling
- Know that there are others like yourself
- Not everyone is fast :0
- Everyone is there to help you along the way :thumbsup:

Ian tried a number of times to get away from the bunch to take photo's, but I was to slow with the camera, or was it that the others flu by.
We had a short rest, really. German Road corner.
German Road corner. Time for a stop.
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Postby tony_11 on Mon 15/Dec/08 5:53pm

Bob fat and experienced??? Must be a different Bob to the one i go riding with lol
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Postby chchbob on Mon 15/Dec/08 6:29pm

Don't sound like anyone I know either ..... lol .... :D :D
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Postby FlyinBiker on Tue 16/Dec/08 1:48pm

must be a new member :D
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Postby J1 on Tue 16/Dec/08 2:01pm

The pics tell a 1000 words!!!!

nice shots, Ian!

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Postby stronginhim on Tue 16/Dec/08 2:25pm

Well, I think I will take a video next time.
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