Riding In Pureora Forest?

Postby craigjohn on Thu 11/May/06 9:27am

any ideas on rides in the pureora forest? i have got the d.o.c. leaflets but thought someone might know of others worth looking into, either from pureora village or piropiro flats. i did the king country classic last year and thought a return trip to explore the area further would be good
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Postby Tama on Thu 11/May/06 9:32am

Waihaha Hut is t3h roxx0r. There's heaps of rides in Pureora but every ride I've done (apart from Waihaha) has involved someone who knew the area, had a map, and occassionally got us lost.
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Postby Sims on Thu 11/May/06 10:00am

Waihaha, is a very good track. I wouldn't leave my car parked anywhere around there though. Kinloch to Kawakawa bay, is also another goody.

A long long long time ago, i did some exploring in Pureora forest while we were staying at a cool little doc campsite by the river. There's a short track up the river that leads to a couple of cool rope swings (if they're still there). Heaps of tracks in the forest, and a fair bit of 4wd track.

Could have all changed by now. Definalty worth an explore though.
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Postby BrentD on Thu 11/May/06 1:10pm

A few of us did Waihaha after the 42nd mobbing in April. Great ride even in the rain.

Photo kindly supplied by Vert attached.
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Postby craigjohn on Thu 11/May/06 4:06pm

waihaha looks and sounds good, where can you park without worry? the car is a heap but its my heap.
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Postby james on Thu 11/May/06 4:09pm

I've ridden waihaha 3 times and not lost anything.

I've tramped in once and lost some gear out of the car, car was fine.

I don't think its as bad as it used to be but its the old story don't leave any valuables. Especially if its nice weather, if its crap weather the crims often stay home...
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