Postby Jono on Tue 9/Apr/02 11:07pm

Righto - been a while since I've organised anything here, but it's been for a good reason (honest).

Anyway, this weekend (saturday) Mr S. Monkey and me are heading out with some of the nice people from london-mtb to do a ride in the mendips (apparently it's somewhere close to bristol). Going to be a day trip - catch the train out there, hook a lift from bristol, ride, then train back. I'm not sure that there is that much space left in cars, but if you're interested, let me know and we'll see what we can line up.

And in the following weekend, I'll be in Wales. No exact plans at this stage (viccles and I are heading out there for a week and a bit), but if you're wanting to come out for a day ride, again, let me know. I'll be checking my email irregularly, but given the number of emails I get each day a more successful approach might be to leave a message here. Plan thus far is Breton Beacons for 3 days (or so), and the rest of the week at betwys-y-coed (starting point for snowdon and coed-y-brenin missions).

If anyone else has any ideas, let me know. I'm probably up for a night ride next week as well (I'm heading out with the addiscombe club this evening, which ruins my chances of doing leith hill tomorrow night with london-mtb, but thems the breaks).
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