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Vorb started in 2000 as a stupid in-joke amongst a group of friends who were having difficulty organising mountain bike rides together. Shortly after it's birth they all got really good at organising mountain bike rides together and went riding, a lot. The website was started in November 2000 by Tama Easton as a place to put stories and photos from their trips. In early 2001 it escaped into the public realm, got mentioned on TV, had a bunch of people visit it and Tama got excited, drank some V, sat down, started coding and proceeded to work way too hard on growing Vorb.

9 years later Tama has sworn off caffeine but still gets excited and still works too hard. In the mean time the Vorb community has grown into ten of thousands of mad keen cyclists, trampers, climbers, paddlers and other nefarious creatures. Vorb has won "Best Sports and Recreation Site" at the People's Choice Netguide Web Awards for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 and surprised a lot of people with its frighteningly energetic online community. In 2009 Tama retired after many years of fantastic dedication to his creation and ID ltd. took up the reins


Rik Unthank
Rides: GT iDrive 5, GT Avalanche, GTR, Raleigh Dynatech

About me, two of my earliest memories standout from the usual playing with wooden toy things. Riding my bright red trike and learning to ski. I can’t say which came first but I can say my dad took the time to educate me about the good things in life. SPEED, I don’t care if it’s on wheels or planks, if its motorized or not, if the wheels wear skinny slicks or fat knobblies. Anything that puts the wind in my hair.

I've always cycled, my mum doesn’t drive so if I wanted to get anywhere I had to get there myself. I was swooping down singletrack on a wide handlebar converted single speed road bike long before MTBing was popularized. First proper MTB a diamondback with space-aged ‘biopace’ chainrings Ooo!


Hameesh Bhana
Rides: GT Avalanche

Being brought up on a heavy dose of 1cent lollies, 80's rock guitar legends and indian culture can only be a good mix for any young kid...you'd think. But Ham made it through those childhood years unscathed, some extensive tooth decay, but at least a sense of rhythm. After finding his way through aisles of career options he found himself training in multimedia design. Ham joined the ID team in 2003, mixing it up with print, interactive media, web, the odd TVC and some casual help desk support; who did this guy think he was? The president of india? He now fills his day's on the net looking for the next big thing.


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