Posted by: jeremyelt
Posted on: Thu 16/Apr/09 7:12pm
Views: 827
Rating: 1/5

"Always grease your threads"
Posted by: Soba
Posted on: Tue 14/Apr/09 10:35pm
Views: 977
Rating: No votes

Posted by: NoEsc
Posted on: Tue 14/Apr/09 12:13pm
Views: 1,639
Rating: 5/5

Posted by: hude
Posted on: Sun 12/Apr/09 1:33pm
Views: 1,204
Rating: 3/5

Posted by: The_Quinsta
Posted on: Sun 12/Apr/09 1:07pm
Views: 1,042
Rating: No votes

Posted by: Tama
Posted on: Wed 1/Apr/09 9:54am
Views: 3,629
Rating: 5/5

"Controlled or uncontrolled?"
Posted by: goatie
Posted on: Mon 30/Mar/09 7:36pm
Views: 890
Rating: 1/5

Posted by: elpalmo
Posted on: Mon 30/Mar/09 7:55am
Views: 1,703
Rating: 5/5

"Bowenvale Jump Jam March 09"
Posted by: FULLGORE
Posted on: Sun 29/Mar/09 9:44pm
Views: 1,506
Rating: 5/5

Posted by: NoEsc
Posted on: Mon 23/Mar/09 9:13am
Views: 846
Rating: 3/5

""Toxic step down"."
Posted by: spec_chucka
Posted on: Sun 22/Mar/09 7:44pm
Views: 1,505
Rating: 5/5

"Lucas and Dan riding at rotorua bmx"
Posted by: po0tang
Posted on: Sun 22/Mar/09 12:03am
Views: 996
Rating: 5/5

"slashing the face in nelson"
Posted by: derekwinwood
Posted on: Wed 18/Mar/09 4:41pm
Views: 1,290
Rating: 3/5

"short video of riding at alexandra"
Posted by: ride_giant
Posted on: Tue 17/Mar/09 11:20am
Views: 777
Rating: 5/5

Posted by: eyeball
Posted on: Sat 14/Mar/09 11:46pm
Views: 1,260
Rating: 5/5

"First High Low Dub"
Posted by: specialist
Posted on: Sat 14/Mar/09 3:43pm
Views: 926
Rating: 5/5

"2009 Dirt Jump Open @ Woodhill Bike Park. Shot by Claire Eastham-Farrelly & Hope Shearer. Edit & music by Claire Eastham-Farrelly"
Posted by: Woodhill
Posted on: Tue 10/Mar/09 3:28pm
Views: 2,200
Rating: 5/5

"NZ DH Open 2009 CHCH"
Posted by: NoEsc
Posted on: Tue 10/Mar/09 11:01am
Views: 2,320
Rating: 5/5

Posted by: Tama
Posted on: Mon 9/Mar/09 1:27pm
Views: 3,969
Rating: 5/5

Posted by: Melissa_Theuriau
Posted on: Mon 9/Mar/09 11:38am
Views: 3,171
Rating: 5/5

"Gravity Canterbury NZ Open 2009"
Posted by: elpalmo
Posted on: Sun 8/Mar/09 9:01pm
Views: 1,972
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: StyledAirtime
Posted on: Fri 6/Mar/09 7:29pm
Views: 2,291
Rating: 4/5

"day at the djs"
Posted by: foes1
Posted on: Tue 3/Mar/09 8:43pm
Views: 840
Rating: 1/5

Posted by: onyabike
Posted on: Mon 2/Mar/09 7:39pm
Views: 1,432
Rating: 5/5

"Coronet SI Cup"
Posted by: D1CKO
Posted on: Sun 1/Mar/09 10:26pm
Views: 870
Rating: 3/5

"3 mates riding in Queenstown over the xmas holadays"
Posted by: Masmoo
Posted on: Sun 1/Mar/09 9:08am
Views: 1,021
Rating: 5/5

"This track will have you giggling. Ride it fast and the music fits......."
Posted by: Dominator
Posted on: Mon 23/Feb/09 1:23pm
Views: 1,462
Rating: 5/5

Posted on: Sat 21/Feb/09 8:41pm
Views: 1,603
Rating: 5/5

"South Island Cup Round 2"
Posted by: spec_chucka
Posted on: Sat 21/Feb/09 8:59am
Views: 1,793
Rating: 3/5

"Vastaantulijoiden kaistalla on vittumaista luistella!"
Posted by: matakivi
Posted on: Sat 21/Feb/09 2:13am
Views: 598
Rating: 1/5


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