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Posted by: Henary
Posted on: Mon 17/Dec/07 10:24pm
Views: 619
Rating: 3/5

Posted by: Stinky_rida
Posted on: Sat 4/Oct/08 11:00am
Views: 142
Rating: 3/5

Posted by: avantibill
Posted on: Wed 16/Aug/06 9:43pm
Views: 1,083
Rating: 3/5

Posted by: onyabike
Posted on: Sun 21/Sep/08 5:20pm
Views: 173
Rating: 3/5

Posted by: -seth-
Posted on: Mon 7/Aug/06 6:07pm
Views: 630
Rating: 2/5

Posted by: DRAGON
Posted on: Sat 10/Jun/06 12:47pm
Views: 317
Rating: 2/5

"3:41 video of action from Round 3 of the DH Nationals in Dunedin."
Posted by: Dystopia Media
Posted on: Sun 25/Dec/05 9:51am
Views: 897
Rating: 3/5

Posted by: inzane
Posted on: Fri 17/Apr/09 3:52pm
Views: 763
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: StyledAirtime
Posted on: Fri 22/Dec/06 12:19pm
Views: 3,927
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: Bob_Jones
Posted on: Mon 22/Dec/08 11:48am
Views: 786
Rating: 3/5

"PXTed from a Nokia 6680"
Posted by: Tama
Posted on: Wed 23/Aug/06 3:47pm
Views: 62
Rating: No votes

Posted by: rary-skewld-wyda
Posted on: Sat 18/Aug/07 10:30pm
Views: 216
Rating: 3/5

Posted by: NightKid
Posted on: Sun 11/Dec/05 11:54pm
Views: 35
Rating: No votes

"Louis J"
Posted by: joshac
Posted on: Mon 6/Jul/09 4:56pm
Views: 1,105
Rating: 1/5

Posted by: ydopen-rider
Posted on: Sun 13/Nov/05 5:12pm
Views: 235
Rating: No votes

Posted by: Atom
Posted on: Tue 29/Aug/06 12:03pm
Views: 343
Rating: No votes

Posted by: herbman
Posted on: Sun 30/Nov/08 4:33pm
Views: 84
Rating: 2/5

Posted by: DevoHucker
Posted on: Thu 19/Apr/07 11:51am
Views: 1,807
Rating: 5/5

Posted by: ollymtb
Posted on: Tue 21/Oct/08 11:04pm
Views: 286
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: JacobRjett
Posted on: Sat 7/Jun/08 9:43pm
Views: 80
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: AndrewDJ
Posted on: Wed 12/Dec/07 6:05pm
Views: 420
Rating: 1/5

Posted by: Tama
Posted on: Wed 5/Nov/08 3:21pm
Views: 406
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: squished_cat
Posted on: Sun 10/Jul/05 11:20pm
Views: 305
Rating: No votes

Posted by: flatlander
Posted on: Sun 25/Feb/07 7:10pm
Views: 663
Rating: 2/5

Posted by: Saturday
Posted on: Tue 31/May/05 2:50pm
Views: 66
Rating: No votes

Posted by: staytrue
Posted on: Mon 19/Nov/07 12:02pm
Views: 945
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: METZ
Posted on: Wed 7/Nov/07 10:18pm
Views: 1,736
Rating: 4/5

Posted by: stumpjumper15
Posted on: Fri 23/Feb/07 10:41pm
Views: 566
Rating: 2/5

Posted by: Death_Grip
Posted on: Mon 1/Oct/07 7:26pm
Views: 296
Rating: 3/5

"Here's an old skool video from Tweak 2000, which was held in Mount Manganui after the 2000 Mount Downhill. Camera work by Dazzle and Mokey, editting by Dazzle, music "Somebody Ordinary" by Mailbox Skipole."
Posted by: Tama
Posted on: Sat 15/Oct/05 9:36pm
Views: 708
Rating: 3/5
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