Postby Dazzle on Fri 30/May/08 11:33am

I don't even think they are disputing the legitimacy of the evidence, but merely the way it was introduced.
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Postby Malcy on Fri 30/May/08 8:46pm

Some cop wrote:I am not a R tard

Ok, maybe not, but blimey...

Mind you, who would want their job? Hmm.. not me. Funny, but this week I heard a try for a comeback that "But wait, that guy that shot at the fuckers stealing his stuff was given guilty, and then that was that other one too...." but seriously, what's going on? Let a guy who was atleast trying to stop stuff get punished, but the ones that are dishing out the bad get away with things? Great.

Maybe the Zim fellow was innocent, hell, how many of us would be guilty of seeing someone like him, so different to ourselves, then just point the finger. BUT if it was him, then why wasn't the case stronger?

Annoying really.

Bring back Judge Dred
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Postby Oli on Fri 30/May/08 9:58pm

What the HELL are you on about, Malcy?
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Postby Malcy on Fri 30/May/08 10:52pm

Which bit? lol

Guilty thing, that poor farmer that got fined and had his guns taken away.

Oh, and only responding to thread title
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Postby sifter on Sat 31/May/08 12:51pm

Oli wrote: What the HELL are you on about, Malcy?

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Postby businesstime on Thu 2/Apr/09 12:43pm

happybaboon wrote:

Fucking hell. I always thought that once a jury aquitted somebody then it was game over for the prosecution ... I think it's totally, totally not fair play to be considering trying this poor guy again.

Can any of the Vorb laywers cast any light on why the prosecution thinks that they're allowed to have another go at getting this guy?

New evidence Id say. The defence team outsmarted the crown in this one and Jonathan Eaton did a supurb job. Now the crown will be rebutting this with new evidence. Thats my guess. Bear in mind the defence have the advantage of getting full disclosure of the case from the crown and the crown get next to nothing from the defence.
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