Postby Tojja on Thu 2/Jun/05 4:41pm

We were at my flat one day, about 5 of us, we all decided to go get beer and two doods(for anonimity reasons ill call them Matt and Mingus) went to get weed and acid. But rather then deciding to go and getting the garage opener from inside the house mingus just jumped the fence and oened the door that had its window smashed, him and matt drove off and me and the other doods went to get beerz. We come back and there are 4 cop cars outside our house, someone saw mingus jumping over the fence and then driving off in the car, so they called the police, the police came there, saw the broken glass and presumed that it was true, we get back to teh flat and not sure what to do , so we came up to them and were really shitting selves cause we had knives all over the place and the whole place stunk of weed. But they were really good about it, they were like, we had a look inside the house but we didnt find any weed, all of us were just shitting ourselves but they were good sorts.

Man, what a great story.
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Postby goldfish on Thu 2/Jun/05 6:54pm

at the risk of spoiling the 'aw, pigs aren't so bad vibe' suckey (true!) story from aussie (well, that's australian cops though !!!)

- dude wakes up to something hard poking him (turns out to be a batton) and some big fucker standing over him. Quite understandably this puts the shits up him so he lashes out. So the rest of the cops there get stuck into him. He has no bloddy clue whats going on. Gets cuffed and dragged, undressed, out of the house and down to the station. Doesn't get the chance to say anything to his flatties who are also scared shitless & don't know what the hell's happening. Gets down to the station, plonked down infront of the sargent. They finally take his cuffs off. Then he's able to tell them, in sign language, that he's DEAF, and asks why he got the shit kicked out of him. Police said because he wasn't answering them...

Sargent asks the deaf dude to write down his address. Baton-poking cop turns green. It was the wrong place the police busted into.

In return for NOT complaining, cops repair the damages to his flat and decide not to prosecute him for assulting a police officer (!!!????)

Anyways, sorry 'bout your sucky experience Dougal, glad it's turned out alright though :)
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Postby happybaboon on Thu 2/Jun/05 7:31pm

Last time the police came to my house *someones* bong was sitting on the floor in front of the front door :blush:

Fortunately I knew one of them from my old job, and he just grinned. Also, they came to the wrong house - they wanted to arrest my neighbour (again) and I was nice enough to tell them where to go to get to his place.
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Postby michael on Thu 2/Jun/05 8:59pm

Ah I guess between us then were about back to even then..

Other night in town, 3 cops beating the shit outta a friend of mine to put him in a police car, while the 4th cops explains to me "we can't leave him here, he will say the wrong thing to some one and get beaten up"
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Postby squished_cat on Thu 2/Jun/05 9:09pm

my dads mates girlfriends exboyfriend got killed by the police, he was walking down the road and they put him in a hold and broke his neck. he had done nothing wrong.

and her daughter got raped by a policeman that was babysitting her so her daughter hung herself because the cop got away with it.

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Postby mudguard on Thu 2/Jun/05 9:10pm

Ha one of my mates stumbled out of KC's here in Dunners and falls on his face in front of the plod. One of them suggested he gets a cab home, to which my friend graps his keys from his pocket (his car was parked at home, miles away) and proclaims, "fuck that I'm driving" (in a joking and drunken tone) and voila, kind plod puts him in the back of the patrol car and takes him home!
On another note, I'm still receiving reparations for a break in on my car. I get cheques for six dollars fifty and other random amounts every 6 or 7 months
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Postby fandangle on Thu 2/Jun/05 9:21pm

well... all i can say is, there are some good cops out there, and there r bad cops out there

and there's a fuck load of asshole cops who likes to go on power trips
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Postby mullbags on Thu 2/Jun/05 9:59pm

I'm glad Kiwi cops don't carry guns, you wanna see a powertrip = american cop with a gun
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Re: My Respect For The Police Has Tripled. (updated).

Postby Dougal on Mon 19/Nov/18 7:59pm

So, can anyone help me pull out some online court records about this event? I had a scanned copy from the ODT back in the day, but it now cannot be found.

Court case would have been mid-late may 05. Perps were I believe mr D White and Mr D Wilson. I believe 12 and 15 months.
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Re: My Respect For The Police Has Tripled. (updated).

Postby Astoria Paranoia on Mon 19/Nov/18 8:04pm

Those are pretty young perps bro.
Astoria Paranoia
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Re: My Respect For The Police Has Tripled. (updated).

Postby dwgknz on Tue 20/Nov/18 8:18am

Damien White went on to bigger and brighter things apparently
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Re: My Respect For The Police Has Tripled. (updated).

Postby Dougal on Tue 20/Nov/18 8:44am

dwgknz wrote:Damien White went on to bigger and brighter things apparently

A snippet into the life of a career criminal. I matched the name to the Bus Exchange bomb at the time, but I didn't know he did Northlands, Palms, Shirley and a petrol station!

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