Postby jordy on Sun 8/Jan/06 1:18pm

mikey wrote:
BenB wrote:...and jordy is not the kind of shit rider that rides up kerbs and dings his rim

jordy wrote:They are in the rear but they're not pinchflats, i can hit rocks and gutters and things without getting a puncture,

nope, obviously not.... :eh:

I said I can ride like that without getting flats, didn't say I did. I bunny hop gutters and try to avoid rocks. :crazy:
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Postby Stun on Mon 9/Jan/06 9:35am

Replace the damn rim tape - it's only $8's.
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Postby CaptainCaveman on Mon 9/Jan/06 11:23am

I've had about 10 punctures in my last dozen rides - all what looked like pinch flats (but in the wrong place) or thorn holes near seams. After I finally ran out of spare tubes and borrowed a Continental one off a friend I've had no problems - I can only conclude that the ChengShit ones I was running were faulty and/or crap. Change the rim tape as a precaution (like stun says, its cheap), buy some quality tubes (i.e. not ChengShin or Maxxis), clean out your tires and take time installing them properly. If you still puncture, your pressure is too low or you aren't riding as deftly as you think... good luck, I know how BLOODY ANNOYING this can be...
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Postby jordy on Mon 9/Jan/06 1:19pm

I've now got Velox rim tape and Maxxis downhill tubes - I didn't see the above post till after I'd bought them, but oh well.
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Postby jeremyb on Mon 9/Jan/06 1:24pm

That picture you drew is probably from a snakebite when the tube turned :)
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Postby kuna on Mon 9/Jan/06 2:47pm

ah there's yer problem, stiff nipples :)
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Re: Reoccuring Punctures

Postby Sims on Thu 14/Oct/10 10:29pm

I've been having a similar problem - Averaging about a tube a month. Nothing lose - good rim tape. Now its rim tape plus insulation tape for good measure. Tyres are always carefully mounted and beaded in while inflating. I seems to get long score marks along the inside of the tube, up against the rim. Then it punctures once the tube splits. I can't for the life of me see how the rim is doing this... The inner tube is not going to be moving 100mm forwards and back against the rim to make such a score line... Is it?!

Grr. I call manufacturing error.
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Re: Reoccuring Punctures

Postby jacks0n0 on Fri 15/Oct/10 7:21am

I've had some problems with phantom punctures while in hot climates (summer in Sydney or Dallas). I would find 1-1.5 cm long splits on the rim side of the tube but no hole on the tire side. There were also a bunch of what looked like scratches on the rim side, but they hadn't quite got all the way through for a puncture. For the first few I assumed they were pinch flats, but they started happening suddenly and catastrophically (like < 5 seconds to total deflation, very scary at speed in traffic) while riding along sealed roads, so I figured I couldn't be pinching there. My next candidate was some kind of spoke poking through and the tube and tire slipping around the rim as they deflated so they created a split rather than a little hole. I gave up on this theory when the tubes started deflating suddenly and catastropically when I wasn't even riding the bike. I would come back to it after leaving it locked up or in the garage overnight and find one or both of the tires completely flat. Upon taking out the tube there was the usual 1-1.5 cm split. I tried all kinds of things to eliminate any sharp bits in the rims but the punctures kept occuring with increasing frequency until I was getting at least one a day. Eventually I was actually present for a couple of the non-riding punctures. The bike would just be sitting there and I would hear POP, Woosh and the tire would be flat in < 5 seconds.

In my first hot-climate summer I thought I was cursed by the cycling gods. Seriously, what other explanation could there be? Then I went back to the cooler weather in New Zealand and the problem stopped. I figure that the rims must have been getting hot enough to begin to melt the tubes where the contact the bare metal (the little gap between the rimtape and the tire). When it is a 40 degree day and your bike is in the sun, or in the boot of the car, the rims can get too hot to touch. This theory can explain the seemingly random occurance, the pop sound when the puncture occurs, the shape and position of the hole, and the increasing frequency (the weather was getting hotter and hotter as summer progressed).

In my second hot-climate summer I've made the problem go away by going tubeless.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has ahd a similar problem in very hot climates.
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Re: Reoccuring Punctures

Postby ThingOne on Fri 15/Oct/10 7:25am

I call epic 4 year dredge..
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Re: Reoccuring Punctures

Postby jacks0n0 on Fri 15/Oct/10 7:37am

Hey, Sims dredged it not me.

Actually, that is exactly what you were saying.

Carry on...
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Re: Reoccuring Punctures

Postby White-Lightning on Fri 15/Oct/10 9:27am

Agree with ThingOne, This has got to be one of the most epic post dredges EVAR!!
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Re: Reoccuring Punctures

Postby bubbaa on Fri 15/Oct/10 12:49pm

Recurring (mega-pedant strikes agaiN)
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Re: Reoccuring Punctures

Postby Simonius_Titius on Fri 15/Oct/10 8:08pm

Maybe it is chain oil and nipple oil rotting the moral fibres of the tube?

I have had the odd mysterious 1cm slit appear, they seemed to be where the tube would be folded in storage, though that is also about where chain oil might get to.

Def not pinch flat. I have also seen a couple of splits appear on the crease lines caused by oversized motorcycle tubes. I use CST or cheaper tubes, some pretty old. The slits would extend when pulled apart so seems the rubber is weak. Grease & solvents root rubber fast, and ozone slowly. Now I keep spare tubes in a plastic bag to avoid contamination, and wash my hands and think pure thoughts when installing.
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