Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby GeeDee on Thu 15/Mar/12 9:45pm

hey folks, looking for any recommendations for a accomodation to stay on this track... plan is to water taxi out to ships cove and do the spin back over 2 days... so would be looking for something approximately halfway... and if possible, preferably that the water taxi could drop the gear off at after dropping me off at the start (they could do this right??)
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby XCrider on Thu 15/Mar/12 9:58pm

Both times i have done it we have stayed at Furneaux Lodge which has been very nice. It is only a short day of riding on day one though and makes for a bigger ride on day two. Otherwise other people i know have also stayed at Punga Cove and have also said it very good, it about 45mins further on from Furneaux.
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby honeymonster on Thu 15/Mar/12 11:52pm

Punga Cove breaks the trip nicely into two days. It leaves a harder second day (more climbing anyway, but potentially easier under the wheels). There isn't much after that for a while - and it would be a right slog to continue up and along the ridge to Portage (which is also on the wrong side for the taxi to drop your gear). You could take a tent and stay at one of the campsites.
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby razza on Fri 16/Mar/12 7:14am

We did the QC back in November. Had a mint time. We also started at Ship Cove and did the track over 3 days. Punga Cove and Portage are where we stayed (though we did stop for lunch at Furneaux for a beer and a cooked lunch, it was amazing!!). As above you can organise the boat to move your gear around. At Portage they send a van over the hill to grab your gear off the boat.
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby Dr. Fuentes on Fri 16/Mar/12 8:23am

honeymonster wrote:Punga Cove breaks the trip nicely into two days.

Yep, I'd go with that.

Hmmm, that reminds me....
Dr. Fuentes
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby catmannz on Fri 16/Mar/12 9:03am

if the weather's good you can generally make Portage pretty easily (From Ship cove) in a day. They have a back packers lodge there which has a reasonable rate - and a bar - with lots of lovely beer.

And they'll pick up your back packs from the water taxi as well meaning you just ride with what you need.

The other good thing is if you're booked with them they'll keep an eye out for your arrival time and will act to check up on you if you're late. This can be handy if you end up riding in a downpour, suffer multiple mechanicals, and find yourself running out of daylight. Me and a mate had this happen to us a few years back. Turned up at Portage covetred in mud and detritus as it was getting very dark. They said they were going to give us another half hour and then would have started looking for us - always nice to have a safety back up in case things go pear shaped
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby Rik on Fri 16/Mar/12 10:19am

Woot! Riding it this weekend. Will be staying at Portage Saturday night.
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby grahamt on Fri 16/Mar/12 12:03pm

We've always stayed at Portage when we've done it. Makes for shorter day 2 to Anakiwa - although we have normally ridden back to Picton anyway and still get back early afternoon. No trouble having the bags dropped at Portage as they are picked up on the Torea side.
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby Janne on Mon 26/Mar/12 4:53pm

Is this the same facility?

The Portage Resort Hotel Limited (in Receivership & in Liquidation) ("the Company")

On 13 September 2011 John Fisk & Malcolm Hollis were appointed receivers to
the Company.

On 10 October 2011 the High Court appointed the Official Assignee as liquidator to the Company.

The receivers are continuing to trade the business to facilitate a going concern sale.

All enquires regarding the receivership should be forwarded to Nadine Williams on
(04) 462 7122 or nadine.t.williams@nz.pwc.com
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Re: Queen Charlotte Track Accom?

Postby DaveM on Mon 26/Mar/12 5:21pm

Yeah, same place, although they still seem to be operating the accommodation at the moment
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