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Progress From Jonny At Drunkcyclist

Postby phunk on Thu 26/Oct/06 10:04am

For those who dont know, Jonny got tagged by a car some time back and was lucky not to be killed...

Jonny wrote:I rode a bicycle for the first time today. The thought came to me as I sat in the garage, staring at all the bikes hanging by their wheels along two walls, the helmets, tools, wheels, frames, tires, and all the other shit our garages collect. I sipped my coffee, listened to NPR, petted the dog and just stared.

Fuck it. This is as good a time as any.

I picked up a helmet. I might need this. I chose one of the mountain bikes that was leaning against the others, one which would not require me trying to get a bike off a hook. I squeezed a tire.

A bit soft. Just like my midsection these days.

Getting the tires pumped up was a chore. Those damn valves are so far away all of the sudden. 40 pounds ought to do the trick. The shock feels damn soft too, but maybe soft is good these days and I leave well enough alone.

Now, lemme see about some shoes. I had to pick a bike with clipless pedals. Couldn't just take out a cruiser. That smug bastard is up on a hook. I'll need a spotter to get that thing down. Put it on my to-do list along with everything else.

Ok, I'm as ready as I'm going to get. I'm in the garage, trying to get my leg over the fucking thing, laughing to myself about how much of a pain in the ass it was just to get the damn shoes on. If these things had laces, it would've been a deal breaker. Velcro straps you can just stab at with an outstretched finger with some success. Laces require much more work. Work I am unable to perform in my current condition.

I'm standing over the bike now, one foot clipped in. I try clipping out and back in a few times to make sure I can actually do it. My ankles, especially the right one (my right leg fared far worse) ain't what they used to be.

And before they weren't much.

I'm floating down the driveway. The cool morning air against my face, I'm smiling. I head down my street.

Pedaling is a chore and requires more thought than I seem to remember. The legs have completely forgotten about circles. In fact, I'd settle for squares at this point. Shoot for the moon and all that. Up, across, down, back, Jesus. This is ridiculous. Are these someone else's legs? Where'd I leave mine?

And could these damn handlebars be any further away? I feel as though I'm being bent in half. This going to take some work.

A left at then end of the street and a right turn later and I'm on dirt. Actual dirt. My tires crunch along. I roll over rocks. I am having fun. I come to a short rise, and I mean the kind of thing I would have barely noticed back in the summer when I was fit. Today I barely make it over. Doesn't this thing have any lower gears?

No, twenty two - thirty four is it, big guy. Suck it up.

I realize I'm half way to Garro's house. He lives less than a half mile from me. I decide to stop in. Either that or I'll have to just stand around by myself and prepare for the five minute ride back. I really need to get off this damn thing for a few minutes.

His driveway forces me back down to my lowest gears. Ugh. I actually consider walking, but quickly dismiss the idea as I have no idea how I'd manage to dismount without something to hold on to.


I drink a few of Steve's beer and we shoot the shit. We're both broken cyclists at the moment. We talk about old times, doctors, hospitals, and sleepless nights. We talk about how strong our wives are. How we couldn't do it without them.

I leave as the rain falls on my shoulders. And you know what, life ain't that bad when you stop to think about it.
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Postby lubie on Thu 26/Oct/06 7:10pm

that's a really nice update :) hurrah for Jonny's recovery!!
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Postby Clarky on Thu 26/Oct/06 7:12pm

Need... more... links... :D
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Postby inzane on Thu 26/Oct/06 7:17pm

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Postby Clarky on Thu 26/Oct/06 7:28pm

:lol: they prevent Bolivian Knob-Rot? :eh:
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