Poverty Wizards

Postby mundi on Tue 12/Jan/10 10:10am

Hello All,
So im wanting some sort of wireless trigger for an off camera flash ( Canon) and there is no way I can afford Pocket Wizards at the moment.
So im looking at the Poverty Wizards. ( My name for the no name Trade Me type wireless triggers).
Anybody used any of the cheaper ones? How did you get on with them? Any recommendations on brands to use or places to get them from?

I know Pocket Wizards are by far the way to go and the cheaper ones are far less reliable, but I cant stretch that far right now, and it would be nice to cut my teeth on these Poverty Wizards, so when I make the step up I know what im doing, sort of.

Any relevant help is muchly appreciated.

Good day!
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Re: Poverty Wizards

Postby JohnnyC on Tue 12/Jan/10 10:19am

I've never used poverty wizards but I couldn't trust them, a good cheap alternative is alien bees-


I haven't tried them but heard a lot of good things about them, I believe you can land a set for about half the price of pockert wizards
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Re: Poverty Wizards

Postby WH on Tue 12/Jan/10 1:09pm

I got one of these off ebay about three years ago, and have had no problems at all - the caveat being that I am only into photography on a very amateur basis as a hobby, and haven't tried them at any distance greater than about 10m.

Mine isn't this brand (mine has no brand markings at all IIRC) and didn't come with the wee stand for the flash, which looks quite handy, and I didn't buy from this retailer... but is otherwise an identical model. I think I paid about GBP15 for mine, so about $40ish, and that was posted from Hong Kong to the UK.

I'd recommend one, you can't really go wrong for this price. Mine definitely allowed me to get more creative with the flash. One thing, maybe someone else can help out with: not sure if it supports TTL, as my flash is an ancient SB-24 and the TTL doesn't work (I have to set it manually for each shot).
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