New Dirt Jumps Being Built In Dunedin

Postby hellyeah on Sun 28/May/06 9:56pm

As the title says there is some new dirt jumps being built,they are starting to take shape now. There is two lines at the moment one is small for the young kids and the other is medium sized good for beginers and playing around on. there is heaps more room and two bigger lines will be going in soon. so if you want to ride some sick dirt jumps then come and help us build, all you need is a shovel or spade and be prepared to do some hard work. There is only one small problem they are out in taieri mouth but if you are keen to ride then it shouldnt be a problem.
Early stages of development
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Postby camdog17 on Sun 28/May/06 10:01pm

where abouts in taieri mouth are they
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Postby hellyeah on Sun 28/May/06 10:17pm

just follow the main road and they are just past the camping ground.
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Postby tripleh on Sun 28/May/06 10:23pm

they look pretty awesome :thumbsup:
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Postby mundi on Mon 29/May/06 10:07am

Mint one, dunedin needs some dirt jumps.
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Postby weathy on Mon 29/May/06 11:31am

It looks like you have plenty of dirt there to maybe go even bigger. When will you be building them. I'm keen to get some people together and come out.
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Postby hellyeah on Mon 29/May/06 11:56am

we will probally be going down on sat,sun and maybe monday caus i think its a public holiday, just bring some spades and any other building equipment hopefully more dirt will be getting dumped soon so we can start on the bigger lines.
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Postby weathy on Mon 29/May/06 12:02pm

I might be able to come out on Monday and I might check them out on Saturday on the way out to the race at Alex. My phone number is 027 3311 608, can you text me or something if you're not going to be there on Wednesday. Cheers
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Postby Tim on Mon 29/May/06 1:23pm

good work fella,s when i get a bike, a good reason to bring it to dunners
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Postby hotshot on Mon 29/May/06 3:33pm

wicked. id be keen to come out and help and maybe give the kiddy line a go. im not to confident on the old dirts jumps.
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Postby duds on Mon 29/May/06 6:31pm

good stuff
a heap of us who are keen will be away this weekend at a dh race, but now we may just have to come home early to build these as i know the only reason i was staying up there the whole weekend was to dj in queeny
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Postby XxGrantxX on Mon 29/May/06 6:45pm

Those look awsome. ill be keen to help.
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Postby Andy01 on Mon 29/May/06 6:46pm

make the small line doubles, and use dirt to fix them
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Postby Vinnie on Tue 30/May/06 9:31am

I was going to head out and have a quick look at these today, but how on earth do you get to Taieri Mouth?
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Postby Timmy on Tue 30/May/06 9:40am

drive out to brighton and keep going down the coast?
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