Postby K-Bizzle on Mon 22/Apr/02 6:36pm

info please

cheers everyone :thumbsup:
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Postby happybaboon on Mon 22/Apr/02 9:08pm

Dude, check my site...

My light

Mines pretty hardout, because I'm a mega electrical dorkage monkey, but you can easily slap one together for about $120 (I've probably spent $300, playing with different bulbs, little fans, different battery packs and all that...)
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Postby Tama on Mon 22/Apr/02 10:32pm

Hell, that's quite a bit of work. It's worth it when you shine your light in the faces of drivers just before they try and pull out in front of you :D

Did any of you guys read my lovely account of homemade lights in Spoke Mag?

Where I try out these 40watt home made lights and they catch on fire?

Not trying to put you off or anything :)
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Postby happybaboon on Mon 22/Apr/02 10:59pm


I had to put the fan in mine because I was playing with a 50W lamp and it melted my PVC  :crazy:  Then I tried an 80w car bulb... but being a slackass know-it-all electrical-engineering student student I decided I was too good for checking for any shorts or anything... Seeing as though ide just dropped mains voltage (rather than using a battery or a proper transformer) I blew the bulb, my lamp, a light that was on in the kitchen and all of our circut breakers. It was funny anyway.

My current effort is a flashy, sexy black colour...

It's a 10 degree 20w osram titan (this is a ka pai bulb - it's relativly inexpensive and farkin bright) It runs for up to 3.5hrs off my 6.5aH battery and strikes fear into the heart of all motorists (they are so scared they dip their hi-beams)

When I get around to it, I'm planning to build my own 3-stage dimmer for it... I imagine my first few attempts will be characterised by smoke/explosions so don't hold your breath.
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