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Postby macncheese on Fri 20th Aug 8:54am

Hi All, looking for some advice regarding a bike purchase. I'm a complete novice when it comes to bikes, but I've been doing spin classes to drop weight. I'm finding these a little tedious now and would like to get out and about in the wild.

I'm a bigger guy, so just looking for advice around what I should be looking at purchasing to get out there and to see what would actually be able to hold my weight. I'm currently at 138 so any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated.

I would like to get a good feel for what is out their before I lock in a budget.
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Re: Looking For Assistance

Postby SquareWheel on Sat 21st Aug 9:33pm

Hi macncheese,
What kind of riding do you think you want to get into?
On the road/mountain biking/gravel?
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Re: Looking For Assistance

Postby Rik on Mon 23rd Aug 8:11am

I don't know much about chassis design but I can't believe that any decent mountain bike can't easily withstand 138Kgs. I mean they're designed to survive drops to flat, etc, so a few extra kilos ain't gonna trouble them. Unless of course you are considering aggressive riding like huge drop offs to flat.

If you're thinking offroad, avoid your warehouse specials, lightweight XC bike and you'll be sweet.
For on road, avoid uber expensive sub-7kg bike designed for <60kg whippets. I reckon, fully loaded, your average touring/bikepacking rig has got to be pushing >130kg and you don't here stories of those folding in half.

So stop worrying, just get out there and do it.
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