Vfr: Announcing The Vorb Fantasy Races

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Mon 3/Mar/14 6:00am

Many of us look forward to the excellent Tour De France Du Concours editions that run each year, but having to wait 11 months between competitions is such a drag. So, this year we have decided to make a few enhancements to vorb that will expand the opportunities for you to indulge your bench racing fetish or your fantasy cycle team manager desires, even if your idea of racing includes berms and vertical drops.

The vorb fantasy races (VFR) is a fantasy cycling league that will start, in just a few days, with a competition for Paris - Nice. We will then run vorb fantasy races of the following events:

* Spring Classics (Monuments)
* Giro d'Italia
* Tour of California
* Criterium du Dauphine
* Vuelta a Espana
* Tour of Britain

But wait! That's not all. We understand that professional road racing may not be everyone's cup of tea. So, to allow the mountain bikers to join in the fun, we will also run competitions for these championships:

* MTB Worldcup Mens Elite Downhill
* MTB Worldcup Mens Elite Crosscountry
* MTB Enduro World Series

Some of the board moderators have already helped test out a couple of fantasy road races during the Tour of Qatar and the Tour of Oman and it was a lot of fun so I am looking forward to some races with a few more competitors. This is not just about having fun, it is your chance to win virtual medals that prove you are a better person than the rest of us.

The changes we made to vorb mean taking part should be straight forward. I'll follow up soon with more details on how to play but for now I am just interested in hearing any feedback. Should we include other races? Perhaps some National competitions? If cyclingnews reports the results, we ought to be able to include it in VFR.
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Re: Vfr: Announcing The Vorb Fantasy Races

Postby great uncle bulgaria on Mon 3/Mar/14 6:27am

was just thinking about that today
keen as :thumbsup:
great uncle bulgaria
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Re: Vfr: Announcing The Vorb Fantasy Races

Postby mfw on Tue 4/Mar/14 6:27am

My wife / workplace would not approve of this sort of timewasting so, yes :thumbsup:
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