Stolen From Spreydon Christchurh

Postby Gmaximus on Mon 18/Oct/10 11:09pm

Hey, we had our garage broken in to on Firday and had 5 bikes stolen:

2 x Specialized SWORKS Enduros 2006 Brown Size Small Serial Numbers: PH5D4289 and PH5D4990
Identifying Features: Bike 1, Gravity Dropper, DMR Saddle, ODI Grips, Raceface Cranks, Shimano M535 Pedals, E13 DRS Chainguide, Rear Tyre MAXXIS Swampthing
Bike 2, Flight Transam Saddle, ODI Grips, Race Face Bash Ring, SRAM PG990 Red Cassette, Time Z Freeride Pedals, Rear Tyre MAXXIS Swampthing
1 x Giant OCR C1 Roadbike 2007, Black Silver Carbon Frame, Ultegra Rear Deralieur, Old as Look Road Pedals Serial Number GG6C337
1 x custom built track bike restored steel frame. Custom Black with Red Pearl Paint Job, Gold Decals, "Laurie Dawes" "Lucifer" "Operation Rolling Thunder" Gold Mavic Deep Dish Rims with Miche Hubs & Aero Spokes
1 x Peter Bundy Road Bike - steel frame, racer red with white Peter Bundy and Campagnolo Componentry

I've sent pics of the first 3 to bike shops around the country - I reckon the people who did this are doing it on a regular basis so i'd love them to get caught not to mention see my bikes. Post us if you've got any leads.

Thanks heaps!
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Re: Stolen From Spreydon Christchurh

Postby Trail on Tue 19/Oct/10 7:56am

Stinkarse G. Will keep my eyes peeled for a couple of small poo brown Sworks Enduros, although if the guys who stole them have any sense the bikes will no longer be around Chch :(
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Re: Stolen From Spreydon Christchurh

Postby grahamt on Tue 19/Oct/10 9:50am

Poos indeed. I feel for you having had two bikes stolen over last 4 years - small frame S Works Enduros would be relatively rare - keep an eye on trade me. Save "enduro" as a favourite search in the frame and whole bike categories.
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Re: Stolen From Spreydon Christchurh

Postby Percy Pig on Tue 19/Oct/10 10:12am

Dude! :eh:

That sucks, I will keep my eyes open for them. :(
Percy Pig
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Re: Stolen From Spreydon Christchurh

Postby Stun on Tue 19/Oct/10 10:25am

That sucks Grant!
Hopefully the scum get their just deserves...
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Re: Stolen From Spreydon Christchurh

Postby Al_Bushman on Tue 19/Oct/10 10:28am

Damn - that's a nice collection of bikes! Man - I really hope they nab the fxxrs.

Don't lose hope though. I had my car broken into a few years ago and they took a set of binoculars & my wallet. Given the minor nature of them I figured they were definately gone. Gave the serial number for the B's to the coppers and wouldn't you know it but 2 weeks later a second hand dealer checked a file with serial numbers of stolen property when they'd traded for them, saw my Binoculars were on there, called the cops, they found the guy, raided his house & I got my wallet & Binoculars back :) I then got a call from the cops 1 month after they arrested the guy and they gave me an update on what they were doing with the guy to rehabilitate him.

I was well impressed! :) Cops and shops are on your side - lets hope they catch him.
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Re: Stolen From Spreydon Christchurh

Postby Simonius_Titius on Tue 19/Oct/10 3:45pm

Accurate serial numbers are powerful. Many a tosser gets caught by them, maybe much later when the loser who buys it cheap sells it for a normal price to someone who takes it to Cash Converters. CC must hate crims because it would be a whole lot of unpaid hassle whenever they buy something hot and have to report it & provide evidence.
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