The Dual: Motutapu - Rangitoto Traverse Report + Results

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Sat 28/Mar/09 8:43pm

A sell-out 1450 participants were treated to a magic day on Motutapu Island this morning for the inaugural Dual event.

The idea of being on the water to get to a start line must have inspired some our top sailing community, with world-class windsurfers J P Tobin and Tom Ashley on the start line. Joining them was also Team New Zealand trainer - Dave Slyfield, who took part in the Mountain Bike with numerous of Team New Zealand members.

Participants had the choice of taking part in a half marathon, full marathon or 50km mountain bike.

J P Tobin, current national windsurf champion, lead from start to finish in the mountain bike event, beating second place getter, Dave Slyfield by 5minutes.

“It was an incredible course, the best I’ve ever ridden in my mountain biking career– it was really beautiful.”

“It is definitely the first race where I have jumped behind a peloton of cows though! Man – they can really move!” He said in jest at the end of the race.

Accomplished long-distance runner, Graeme Taylor, won the marathon by 7 minutes over leading Auckland marathon runner, Paul Angland.

It was top orienteer, Michael Adams who won the half marathon today. He used his knowledge of the course to lead for most of the race.

“I actually come over here to train quite a lot so it was so great to actually have an event over here to compete in.”

“The section on Rangitoto was somewhere I haven’t run much before though, it was really rocky and technical – quite hard on the ankles, but it was worth it.”

2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Tom Ashley finished the half marathon in 11th place overall.

In the female’s race it was Alex Jepsen and Kristina Crane who took line honors in the half marathon and marathon respectively.

Top New Zealand mountain biker, Sadie Parker cleaned up in the women’s biking race.

"What an amazing race, I just loved it out there today and I'll see you next year!" said an elated Parker.

The concept of the event was put together around 2 years ago by the Motutapu Restoration Trust (MRT) and total sport, an events company in Auckland, and was set up as a fund raising event for the MRT to assist with planting of trees on the island as well as a pest eradication program with the goal of establishing it as a Kiwi sanctuary.

The funds generated by the event will go directly into Motutapu’s restoration programme, managed by MRT. Former Mayor of Auckland, Christine Fletcher, is the Chair of the Trust and said “The funds generated will go a long way to supporting the vision to see the Island become the largest Island Conservation Park in the country by replanting large parts of Motutapu in native trees and reintroducing native wildlife including Kiwi and Tuatara. Hand in hand with this, is the restoration of the farming and military heritage and the reopening of public access to Home Bay.”

“For me though, it is also about showing people how tranquil, special and very accessible these islands are. Motutapu is just such a special place and largely undiscovered by a lot of Aucklander's who live only minute’s away.” said Fletcher.

Rangitoto and Motutapu are part of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park established in 2000. This is Auckland’s very own National Park. The vision for a gulf-wide marine park is slowly getting off the ground. Participant’s involvement in the Dual will help it gather momentum. The MRT is passionate about developing a marine reserve to complement the land-based conservation initiatives.


Half Marathon

1. Michael Adams 1:35:33
2. John Healy 1:44:39
3. Matt Sumpter 1:45:02

1. Alex Jepsen 2:05:50
2. Ailish Nolan 2:08:02
3. Melanie Angland 2:08:45

Full Marathon

1. Graeme Taylor 3:09:32
2. Paul Angland 3:17:07
3. Mark Bright (1st Vet) 3:21:37

1. Kristina Crane 3:48:51
2. Sonia Thompson 4:03:00
3. Lesley Turner Hall 4:07:51

50km Mountain Bike

1. J P Tobin 2:32:28
2. Dave Slyfield (1st Vet.) 2:37:28
3. Jamie Till 2:38:46

1. Sadie Parker 2:56:39
2. Marquita Gelderman 3:09:07
3. Leigh Cockerill 3:11:00
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