Tow Bars In Hamilton

Postby Bergkamp on Sun 22/Feb/09 11:43am

Can anyone recommend somewhere in Hamilton to get a towbar put on my car?

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Re: Tow Bars In Hamilton

Postby RussS on Sun 22/Feb/09 12:37pm

Bars For Cars - Haig St, Frankton

Pro Bars - High St, Frankton

Designer Bars - Mahana Rd, Te rapa

Fully Equiped - Tasman Rd
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Re: Tow Bars In Hamilton

Postby Mel on Sun 22/Feb/09 2:16pm

I went to Deisgner Bars. Good service, nice price. They even added a gusset under the tongue to allow for the extra loading a fully loaded bike rack (like with 4 DH bikes) can put on the tow bar.

And after several years of faultless service, I've just given the tow bar a birthday today with a new coat of black rust guard paint. Tomorrow it gets a shin protector* and the ball goes back on. Nice. :thumbsup:

* Not to protect my shins, but to stop the bike rack chipping the paint on the tongue and making it rust.
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Re: Tow Bars In Hamilton

Postby ratrod on Sun 22/Feb/09 2:45pm

Wrecker or trademe and put it on yourself. It's pretty easy on a lot of japas'
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Re: Tow Bars In Hamilton

Postby Muscleworx on Thu 5/Mar/09 5:51pm

Designer bars $360
Genuine Volvo part $3500

Guess which one I picked :-) Designer bars all the way
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Re: Tow Bars In Hamilton

Postby Darylrose on Fri 8/Dec/17 11:21am

What ever you do, don't go to Pro bars!! I took my previous Subaru in to get towbar taken off and put on my new (2nd hand) facelift model Forester purchased 2 weeks ago (thanks Bob Wallace for Google rust review on their ones as I almost got one instead) On the new car I agreed to cutting the bumper if necessary on basis they put rubber edge around it which is apparently standard everywhere else. No rubber was fitted to cover the cut edge, the cut out is rough as guts and appalling, not even straight – looks like it’s been done with a hacksaw or jig saw. Nor was the cut centred over the towbar, one side has a gap of about 2cm and the other side is right up against the bar; it seriously looks like some dodgy back yard job!! I told them I wasn’t happy, manager wasn't there so guy who did the job came out to look at it and guess what he said!? “Yes, I know” – Unbelievable he admitted what a crappy job it was (my words) then went on to make excuses about them being short staffed and he was rushing – Hello!? - NOT the customers problem, but now you’ve made it mine – soo not impressed! So I wanted to withhold some $ until it was sorted but they wouldn’t return my keys unless I paid in full - great they have no protocol in place for complaints or that you don't pay until you're happy with the job... Phone the manager I said, but he would not! I ended up having to pay in full just to get my car back on the promise it would be fixed at no cost and the manager would phone me as soon as she was able – 5 days later still waiting for her call… THEN, I drove away and at my next stop got out of the car and there’s a two inch long deep scratch on the rear driver’s side door that was not there before!! I went back straight away and of course “No, we did not do that.” The car had 2 scratches removed and was buffed by the car sales yard prior to my picking it up 2 weeks ago so I knew exactly what scratches it had yet then the office boy and the worker proceeded to walk around it saying it was covered in scratches so it was probably done before they ever had the car!! I was gobsmacked, started off a good day but by this time I was really bloody angry but remained polite and had to leave before it 'blew up' - there was clearly no point in arguing with them. Unfortunately for me there is no way to prove they did it so I just spent $16,000 on my new (2nd hand good car) and they not only made the bumper look like s*** but also put a scratch in that’s going to require a sand and door paint job to get it out – at what cost to me!?? I chose pro bars because towbars are their business and one would assume, as I did, that they'd do a professional job – NO!! DO NOT BE FOOLED, don’t go there, they do not take responsibility for shoddy, appalling workmanship or take care of your car while it's in their care – if they damage it they don’t want to know - Pro bars deserve 10/10 NEGATIVE stars if I could award them – the same crap they dished out to me. Absolutely gutted to have this happen when I've been so happy to get my new car I've wanted after all these years of waiting to be able to afford it & now they've stuffed the facelift bumper - If I could write swear words here I would be!! NO APOLOGY HAS EVER BEEN MADE.
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Re: Tow Bars In Hamilton

Postby Nathan007 on Fri 8/Dec/17 2:25pm

Wow. That is a serious bat-shit crazy rant. You are replying to a post from 2009!
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