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The Chronologic Lab Of Static. - A Time-based Map

Postby Dcswouters on Sat 6/Dec/08 10:09am

Hi and welcome to my newest Free Rider 2 map. As you can see it took me around 1-2 hours to make this one.
It's not a difficult map although it can be difficult if you want to get a great time. Timing is everything.


V1.0 -
Small map, a few details -not too much.
V1.0.1 -
Bug fixes on the first 2 ramps.
V1.1A -
Well it seemed that every small block was a bug itself, so I made ramps of it.
V1.1B -
I added some extra detail, some lines.
V1.2 - Version it is right now-
Added a bit more texture, mixed the basic and some advanced drawing for better performance. Killed a few ramps wich, even after several tests, still get troubles.

However, there is one downside. And that is that you get stuck at the beginning with no cube in one spot. I'm sorry, did everything I could to change it.
So I really am sorry for not fixing that bug, but.. you could also see it as a bit more challenging.

Anyway, have fun, the code is posted right here:

-18 1i 18 1i 2q 1i bi 1i bi k,-18 1i -18 -26 -1i -2g -26 -1s,-18 -26 2g -26 2q -26 2q -1i u -1i -u -1i,2q -26 2q -50 2q -5a -k -5a -k -50,2q -50 -18 -50 -1i -4m 2q -4m,-18 -50 -18 -7q -1i -7g -1i -b8 -1i -em -1i -fu -18 -fa -18 -e2 -18 -fa 4c -e2 -18 -f0 -u -f0,-18 -7q -42 -7q -42 -50 -92 -50 -cq -50,-42 -au -18 -au -18 -7q,-18 -au -18 -e2 -1i -e2,-18 -e2 34 -e2 -18 -fa,-42 -au -42 -e2 -3o -ec,-42 -e2 -cq -e2 -cq -o2,-cq -e2 -cq -b8 -8e -b8 -8e -7q -cq -7q -de -7q -de -84 -hg -84 -io -9m -8o -9m,-cq -4m -92 -4m -3o -4m -3o -7g -3o -b8 -3o -fa -de -fa -de -no,-92 -4m -92 -50,-de -50 -cq -50,-de -84 -8o -84 -8o -b8,-8o -84 -8o -7q,-8o -au -d4 -au -d4 -b8 -d4 -em -d4 -o2,-d4 -b8 -cq -b8,-de -50 -de k -cq k -84 -1s -18 -1s,-cq k -cq -4m -de -50,-d4 -em -cq -e2,-d4 -em -42 -em -42 -e2,-3o -4m -42 -50,-3o -7g -42 -7q,-3o -7g -1s -7g,-1i -7g -1s -7g,-1i -7g -1i -4m,-hg -84 -hg -7q -de -7q,-hg -84 -hg u -84 u -6i 0 -6i a -18 a,-hg u -io -k -io u -io 18 -84 18 -84 1i,-io -k -io -9m,-hg -2q -io -4c,-hg -4c -io -5k,-io u -hg u,-6i 0 -18 0,-cq 0 -84 -2g 2q -2g,-84 -2g -84 -1s,-42 -au -3o -b8 -1i -b8 -18 -au,-3o -fa -42 -em,-1i -em -18 -e2,-1i -em 4m -em ak -em mq -em n4 -em r6 -em tm -em,4m -em 4c -e2 -18 -f0,4c -e2 2q -e2 -18 -f0,ak -em aa -e2 4c -e2 -18 -fa,-de -fa -d4 -em,-de -fa -de -b8 -d4 -au,-1i -fu 4m -em,2q -50 3e -4c 42 -3o,3e -4c 3e -34 bi -34 bi -2q bs -2q bs -34 ec -34 ec -3e bs -3e bi -3e 3e -3e,2q -26 3e -2q 42 -34,3e -2q 3e -3e,2q 1i 2q 18 5u 18 bi 18,5u 18 5u u 8o u bi u,8o u 8o k bi k,-u -26 -u 1i,-84 18 -84 u,-84 18 -6i a,-84 18 -18 18,-18 1i -io 1i -io 1s bi 1s bi 1i,-io 1i -io 18,-7g u -18 u,-76 k -18 k,-7g u -7g 18,-6s k -6s u,-7q 18 -6i k -5u a -4m 18 -34 a -1i 18,-6i k -6i a,-4m 18 -7g 18,-1i -de -18 -d4 -1i -de -1s -de -1s -d4 -1i -d4 -18 -cq,-1i -cq -18 -cg,-1i -cg -18 -c6,-3o -de -42 -d4,-3o -d4 -42 -cq,-3o -cq -42 -cg,-3o -cg -42 -c6,-u -26 -k -2g,-u -a u -a u -26,u -k -u -k,u -u -u -u,u -18 -u -18,-u -1s 2q -1s,9m k 9m a bi a bi 0 bs 0 bs 26 bs 42 bs 4c bs 5u bs 6s bs 76 ka 76 ua 76 12c 76 12c 7g,bi a bi k,bs 26 -18 26 -84 26 -84 7g -7q 7g,-18 26 -18 1s,-84 26 -84 1s,-84 26 -de 26 -io 26 -io 76 -io 7g -io bs d4 bs 164 bs 1lo bs 1lo 7g 1lo u 1lo -4c 1ji -4c 1ji 7g 1lo 7g,-de 26 -de 1s,-io 26 -io 1s,-42 -au -42 -7q,f0 0 f0 26 f0 4c k0 4c ua 4c ua 26 p0 26,f0 0 fa 0 fa -a f0 -a f0 -k f0 -u f0 -18 f0 -6i fk -6s cq -5a bs -5a bs -50 cq -50 aa -50 aa -4m 8o -4m 8o -4c 76 -4c 76 -42 50 -42 50 -3o 3e -3o,fa 0 fa 1s,f0 0 fa 0,f0 -a f0 0,f0 -k fa -k fa -a,f0 -u fa -u fa -k,f0 -18 fa -18 fa -u,f0 -6i fa -6i jc -6i ls -6i ls -a k0 -a j2 a m6 a ls a,fa -6i fa -18,f0 -1i fa -1i,fa -1s f0 -1s,f0 -26 fa -26,fa -2g f0 -2g,f0 -2q fa -2q,fa -34 f0 -34,f0 -3e fa -3e,f0 26 pa 26,fk -6s k0 -6s,ls -6i mg -6s mg -92 gs -6s gs -6i,mg -6s k0 -6s,mg -6s mg -a,ls -a mg a m6 a,mg a mg -a,fa -68 fk -68 fk -5u fa -5u,fk -68 fk -6i,fk -68 fu -68 fu -6i,ls -68 li -68 li -5u ls -5u,li -68 li -6i,li -68 l8 -68 l8 -6i,gs -3e gs -u h6 -u h6 -k gs -k gs -u,h6 -u h6 -3e gs -3e,gs -34 h6 -34,h6 -2q gs -2q,gs -2g h6 -2g,h6 -26 gs -26,gs -1s h6 -1s,h6 -1i gs -1i,gs -18 h6 -18,mq -em mg -e2 aa -e2,mq -kk mg -kk mg -mg mg -no mg -o2 gs -o2 76 -o2,mq -kk n4 -kk 10q -kk,n4 -kk n4 -mg n4 -om 114 -om 114 -o2,n4 -om gs -om,-7g -o2 -de -o2 -de -ne,-76 -om -cq -om -de -o2,-3o -c6 -42 -bs,-3o -bi -42 -b8,-42 -bi -3o -bs,-1i -c6 -18 -bs,-18 -bi -1i -bs,-1i -bi -18 -b8,-3o -do -42 -de,-42 -do -3o -e2,-42 -ec -3o -f0,-42 -ec -3o -ec,-18 -de -1i -do,-18 -do -1i -e2,-aa -ls -aa -li,-aa -ls 1s -ls 1s -li -aa -li,-9m -li -9m -l8,18 -li 18 -l8 -9m -l8,-8o -l8 -8o -ku,a -l8 a -ku -8o -ku,-18 -do ku -do mg -do mg -e2,mq -em mq -ec mg -do,42 -e2 -18 -fa,3o -e2 -18 -fa,3e -e2 -18 -fa,2q -e2 -18 -fa,2g -e2 -18 -fa,26 -e2 -18 -fa,1s -e2 -18 -fa,1i -e2 -18 -fa,18 -e2 -18 -fa,u -e2 -18 -fa,k -e2 -18 -fa,u -e2 -18 -fa,k -e2 -18 -fa,k -e2 -18 -fa,a -e2 -18 -fa,0 -e2 -18 -fa,-a -e2 -18 -fa,-k -e2 -18 -fa,-u -e2 -18 -fa,-18 -em 4c -e2,42 -e2 -18 -f0,3e -e2 -18 -f0,26 -e2 -18 -f0,1i -e2 -18 -f0,u -e2 -18 -f0,u -e2 -18 -f0,a -e2 -18 -f0,0 -e2 -18 -f0,-a -e2 -18 -f0,-k -e2 -18 -f0,-u -e2 -18 -f0,pa 1s u0 1s u0 -1s ua -1s 17c -1s 17m -1s 1ag -1s 1ag -1i 1ag 4c 1aq 4c 1aq -1i 1du -1i 1du -1s 1fg -1s 1fg -1i 1du -1i,ua -1s ua 26,bi -3e bi -34 bs -34 bs -3e,f0 -3e em -3e em -34 ec -34,em -34 f0 -34,ec -3e em -3e,-3o -de -3e -de -3e -d4 -3o -d4,-34 -tc -u -tc a -tc a -om a -oc,-u -tc -u -tm -u -106 -u -10g -34 -10g -34 -tm -42 -tm -42 -11e 0 -11e 0 -tm -u -tm -34 -tm -34 -tc -4c -tc -4c -om,-2q -tm -2q -tc,-2g -tm -2g -tc,-1s -tm -1s -tc,-26 -tm -26 -tc,-1i -tm -1i -tc,-18 -tm -18 -tc,-u -106 -18 -106 -18 -tm,-2q -tm -2q -106 -34 -106,-2q -106 -18 -106,-2q -u0 -34 -u0,-34 -ua -2q -ua,-2q -uk -34 -uk,-2q -uu -34 -uu,-34 -v8 -2q -v8,-2q -vi -34 -vi,-34 -vs -2q -vs,-2q -10g -2q -106,-2g -10g -2g -106,-26 -106 -26 -10g,-1s -10g -1s -106,-1i -10g -1i -106,-18 -10g -18 -106,-18 -vs -u -vs,-u -vi -18 -vi,-18 -v8 -u -v8,-u -uu -18 -uu,-18 -uk -u -uk,-u -ua -18 -ua,-18 -u0 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1c2 92 1c2 9c 1lo 9c,164 76 164 7g 164 bs,164 7g 148 7g,164 7g 19i 9c 164 9c bi 9c -io 9c,19i 92 19i 9c 19i bs,1c2 9c 19i 9c,1g4 76 1c2 92,1c2 9c 1g4 7g 1g4 bs,1g4 7g 1g4 76 1j8 76 1j8 7g 1j8 -4c 1ji -4c,1j8 7g 1g4 7g,u0 -4c 17m -4c 1j8 -4c,17m -4c 17m -42 u0 -42 u0 -4c tm -4c tm -4m tm -68 tm -6s tm -76 tm -7g tc -7g tc -76 tc -6s,u0 -4c ua -4c,rq -4c rq -42 rq -3o rg -3o rg -42,1ag -1i 17m -1i 17m 4c 17c 4c 17c -1i,1aq -1s 1ag -1s,1du -1s 1aq -1s,1j8 -42 17m -42,1ji 7g 1j8 7g,122 2g 122 76,uk -1i uk -18 uu -18 vi -18 vs -1i,uk -18 ua -18,uk -18 uk -u uk -a ua -a,uk -u ua -u,uu -18 uu -1i,10q 76 10q 5k 11o 5k,114 5k 114 4c 11o 4c,11e 4c 11e 34 11o 34,u0 1i tm 1i tc 1i tc 18 tm 18 tm u u0 u,tm 1i tm 1s,tc 1i tc 1s,tc 1i t2 1i t2 1s,tm 18 tm 1i,u0 18 tm 18,rq -4c qi -4c q8 -4c oc -4c oc -42 q8 -42 qi -42 rq -42,qi -4c qi -42,rg -4c rg -42,r6 -4c r6 -42,qs -4c qs -42,rq -1s qi -1s oc -1s oc -1i pu -18 pu -1i,mg -4c oc -4c,oc -42 mg -42,mq -4c mq -42,n4 -4c n4 -42,ne -4c ne -42,no -4c no -42,o2 -4c o2 -42,oc -1i rq -1i q8 -18 q8 -u rq -1i rq -1s,qs -1i qs -18 rq -1i,pa -1i pa -18 oc -1i pa -1i,pa -18 qs -18 q8 -u pu -u pa -18 oc -1i pu -u pu -18,q8 -1i q8 -18,q8 -4c q8 -42,pa -18 oc -1i,qs -18 rq -1i,qs -1i rq -1i,pk -18 oc -1i,qi -18 rq -1i,tm -4c tm -42 tm -3o u0 -3o u0 -42,tm -42 u0 -42,tm -4m u0 -4m u0 -4c,tm -68 u0 -68 u0 -4m,tm -6s u0 -6s ua -6s ua -76 u0 -76 u0 -6s u0 -68,tm -6s p0 -6s p0 -6i u0 -6i,u0 -5u tm -5u,u0 -5k tm -5k,u0 -5a tm -5a,u0 -50 tm -50,cq -5a de -5a de -3e,de -5a f0 -68,cq -5a cq -3e,d4 -3e d4 -5a,cq -50 de -50,de -4m cq -4m,cq -4c de -4c,de -42 cq -42,cq -3o de -3o,aa -4m cq -4m,8o -4c cq -4c,76 -42 cq -42,50 -3o cq -3o,n4 -em n4 -ec mq -ec,r6 -em r6 -ec tm -ec tm -b8 tm -au u0 -aa u0 -au u0 -b8 u0 -em tc -em,r6 -ec n4 -ec,ne -em ne -ec,no -em no -ec,o2 -em o2 -ec,om -em om -ec,oc -em oc -ec,p0 -em p0 -ec,pa -em pa -ec,pk -em pk -ec,pu -em pu -ec,q8 -em q8 -ec,qi -em qi -ec,qs -em qs -ec,m6 -do m6 -de io -de -18 -de,io -de io -d4 fa -d4 do -d4 -18 -d4,do -d4 do -cq a0 -cq -18 -cq,a0 -cq a0 -cg 4m -cg -18 -cg,4m -cg 4m -c6 1i -c6 -18 -c6,1i -c6 1i -bs -18 -bs,mg -8o hg -6s hg -6i,hq -6s hq -6i,mg -8o mg -6s,tm -b8 u0 -b8,tm -au u0 -au,tm -76 u0 -76,ua -6s ua -6i u0 -6i,10q -6s 10q -6i 114 -6i 122 -6i 122 -4c,10q -6s 114 -6s 114 -hq 114 -oc,n4 -oc 10q -oc 10q -em 10q -6s,12c -4c 12c -6s 114 -6s,no -oc no -n4 p0 -n4 p0 -m6 q8 -m6 q8 -no p0 -no,p0 -n4 p0 -oc,q8 -mq s4 -mq s4 -li t2 -li rq -li,s4 -li q8 -li q8 -m6,s4 -li s4 -kk,t2 -li t2 -kk,rq -mg tc -mg tc -no rq -no rq -mg,pk -mg qs -mg se -mg se -no qs -no qs -mg qs -l8 pk -l8 pk -mg,oc -mg pa -mg pa -l8 oc -l8 oc -mg,om -mq om -o2 pk -o2 pk -mq om -mq,pu -n4 rg -n4 rg -o2 pu -o2 pu -n4,rg -m6 t2 -m6 t2 -li,rg -li rg -m6,rg -li rg -kk,ua -mg ua -kk,ua -mg uk -mg uk -n4 uu -n4 uu -kk,uk -mg uk -kk,uu -mg v8 -mg v8 -ne vi -ne vi -kk,v8 -mg v8 -kk,vi -ku vs -ku vs -li 106 -li 106 -mq 10g -mq 10g -no 10q -no,vs -ku vs -kk,106 -li 106 -kk,10g -mq 10g -kk,ua -mg ua -ne u0 -ne u0 -kk,u0 -li tm -li tm -kk tm -jm tc -jm tc -kk tc -jc ua -ka ua -k0 u0 -ka ua -ka ua -kk,n4 -ku 114 -ku,114 -kk 10q -kk,tm -kk tm -k0 u0 -k0 u0 -kk,ua -k0 uk -k0 uu -ka v8 -ka v8 -k0 uu -ka uu -kk,uk -k0 uk -kk,uk -ka uu -ka,v8 -ka v8 -kk,v8 -k0 vi -k0 vs -ka 106 -ka 10g -ka 10q -ka,vi -k0 vi -kk,vi -ka vs -ka vs -kk,106 -ka 106 -kk,10g -ka 10g -kk,tc -jc t2 -jc t2 -kk,t2 -ka so -ka s4 -ka s4 -kk,so -ka so -kk,se -kk se -ka,r6 -kk r6 -ka rg -kk,r6 -ka qs -ka qi -kk,qs -ka qs -kk,pu -kk pu -ka q8 -kk,pu -ka pk -ka pa -kk,pk -ka pk -kk,26 -ls 26 -li,2g -ls 6s -ls 6s -li 26 -li,26 -ls 2g -ls,76 -ls 76 -li cg -li cg -ls 76 -ls,d4 -ls d4 -li i4 -li i4 -ls d4 -ls,io -ls io -li,io -ls ie -ls ie -li io -li,j2 -ls j2 -li jc -li jc -ls j2 -ls,jm -ls jm -li k0 -li k0 -ls jm -ls,ka -ls ka -li kk -li kk -ls ka -ls,ku -ls ku -li l8 -li l8 -ls ku -ls,li -ls li -li ls -li ls -ls li -ls,m6 -ls m6 -li mg -li,m6 -ls mg -ls,a -rq 5k -rq bs -rq bs -11e 10q -11e 10q -114 c6 -114 c6 -rg cg -rg cg -r6 cg 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