Inventive Free Rider Map

Postby MrMurder000 on Wed 5/Nov/08 3:47pm

don't move the guy for this map touching the keyboard will make him die!(seriously) :sly: v 1h d 1h,v 1g v s,-d 2m -f 3d 9 3d,3o 50 3k 5t 2m 5l,-k 9o -9 b1 e b1,-1q eg 35 fv,63 hc 5q i8,5p i7 5e i2,32 l0 47 l0,32 kv 31 kj,6m lp 5r li,9b on 8v pe,8v pd 8l p8,4h r6 aa so,bh ui bk vd,bi v9 c9 v9,f2 vt f2 10n eg 10m,bu 12d ch 128,9e 169 98 170 8k 16q,64 19p 6c 1ae 6t 1ai,8j 1ds 8i 1ee 7q 1eb,aj 1gu ah 1hp 9v 1hn,7p 1k2 73 1kc,57 1q0 5f 1pe,57 1pu 4o 1po,2f 1tv 2d 1uf 33 1uh,33 21t 9h 22e,c0 21i c2 229 b9 229,d6 1v0 du 1v7 e1 1vr,go 208 gr 211,go 208 fv 207,js 223 js 22v j3 22s,10s 271 11i 273 11i 27s,16d 299 16g 2dj,qn 1v4 ro 1v4 rq 200,19j 2ff 1ac 2fh 1a7 2ej,1gc 22n 1f7 2fm,1ft 1vg 1gk 1vl 1gk 20g,1dq 1sm 1dn 1tc,1dn 1sh 1et 1sm,1gl 1qg 1gl 1r1,1gl 1qf 1g4 1qf,1cj 1oe 1d0 1oe,1cj 1oe 1cg 1p5,1hi 1b5 1do 1a9,1c1 186 1cn 186 1cn 18v,19f 13v 1a5 141,19h 13v 197 14i,1cf 12m 1cu 12o 1cv 13j,1bq vs 1cb vs,1e1 qn 1el qn,1e2 qm 1ds r3,1fs o5 1gg o5,1fr o4 1fm op,1hb lv 1hd me,1he lu 1gp lu,1cs l3 1cs m4,1dc hp 1e2 hq 1e2 id,uk -5qt v7 -5qr va -5q3,to -60i tl -5vu,to -60i ue -60k,18j -5u6 18h -5t8,kp -6i2 ld -6i1,kp -6i6 kn -6h8,kj -6od l7 -6o9,iv -6qd iv -6pq,iu -6qd jv -6qg,m7 -6u8 lm -6u8,t8 -8g6 sm -8g4 sk -8fe,10t -8nd sk -8os,lp -9pm m7 -9ms,lp -9pi l9 -9s2 km -9u3,kl -9u5 jb -a0e,-8u -8m8 -70 -8iq -4u -8g4 -41 -8f9 -2u -8e9,-2m -8e1 -1o -8da,-1g -8d5 -l -8ca,-9 -8c3 3g -8ae,3i -8ae 5b -89n,h1 -81q gd -81s,dr -540 ec -540,cm -4ug ck -4tp br -4tq,1u -43m 20 -42q 2n -42q,4e -43j 49 -42l 3g -42q##T 38 -43i,S dv -5o9,B om -7rr 8o,B op -7s4 8q,B ou -7s9 8r,G j8 -a04 5l,S u6 -4f8,S u6 -4f8,G 1fr 220 b8,G 61 21c 2r
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